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Casper's Story
Thirteen-year-old Maria tells Casper's story:
"A few years ago our cat Casper was hit by a car.  Luckily, he found his way home quickly and my Mum found blood in the conservatory.  She instantly knew Casper was not well.  She found him curled up in the hallway, she found a huge gash in his leg and we quickly called the emergency vets in Dover.  We took him down to the vets at Burnham House and was seen to straight away.
"His hip was damaged and his leg was extremely cut.  We were all very worried!  Luckily, the vet fixed his leg and he had to stay in the vets for a few days.  We even got to visit him after school to help him feel better! 
When he came home he had a bandage on his leg and was not allowed out.  He had to live in a dog cage in our living room, but as much as he hated being cooped up, he was glad to be better.
"We have a picture of him with the pink bandage (chosen by me of course) and, after several bandage changes and a few visits to the vets, his leg slowly healed up (even after he tried to pry it off his leg a few times!). 
Thanks to the vets he was moving around in a few weeks.  He still limps a bit and can't fully flex his leg but he still lives life to the full, catching birds and mice and disappearing in to the garden.
"I now want to be a vet when I grow up and I can help many more injured pussy-cats on the road to recovery.  There is also a picture of Casper now!"
Meow!  By Maria (13 years old now!) and Casper (my favourite puss in the entire universe).