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Christmas Decorations
Anyone who has passed the main surgery in the last ten years cannot have missed the annual display which lights up Castle Street from early December. It all began with half a car coming out of the front of the building many years ago; and some of the more recent designs have included a working miniature railway, parachuting penguins, pantomimes and an enchanted forest. Each year money is raised for a local good cause and we have been awarded several "Best Display in Dover Town Centre" trophies! All of the work on the building is done by volunteer staff and friends of the practice and although it doesn't directly benefit the veterinary work which goes on inside, we raise money for local charities and it brings visitors to the town which can only be a good thing. See some of the more recent ones below - ideas for the next display are most welcome...
Christmas 2011 - Harry Potter

This year the surgery has been transformed into Hogwarts Castle.  Platform nine-and-three-quarters is conveniently right next door, complete with Ron disappearing with his trolley into a brick wall.  Harry and Hermione are getting in some flying practice, and if you make a donation to Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary you may see the Hogwarts Express whizzing round the lake.  See if you can spot some of your other favourite characters from the Harry Potter series - Dobby, Crookshanks, Scabbers, Hedwig, and, of course, He Who Must Not Be Named.  Can you recognise which Hogwarts house flags are flying from the top of the castle?  See the video from the switch-on here.  With very many thanks to all the surgery staff and friends who helped create this year's display.


Christmas 2010 - Toy Story

Characters from Toy Story 3 have been brought to life this year. The film is the theme of our Christmas lights display - the front of our building has been transformed into the playroom at Sunnyside nursery, with characters from the film around the tree watched over by Jessie.  Woody is driving his remote control car with Buzz Lightyear close behind. We have also installed a toy train which is operated by making a donation to this year's charity - the Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary.  The display was switched on by vet Jeremy Stattersfield and, appropriately, golden retriever Woody. See the video here.


Christmas 2009 - Snow White

This year Snow White and her Seven Dwarves have moved in to Burnham House with an enchanted castle display bringing the spirit of pantomime to Castle Street.  See the display being switched on here.Our particular thanks to Mike O'Brien for his help with this year's display.


Christmas 2008 - Runway Take-Off

This year Santa is taking off along a runway right up the front of our building in Castle Street!  Come and see the sleigh, reindeer and Santa's helpers, complete with runway, departures board and landing lights.  It's illuminated from 3pm to 11pm every day, and if you put a donation in the slot, you'll hear why Santa is in such a hurry!  Our display this year is raising money for Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary, a local charity that rescues and re-homes unwanted cats and kittens across Kent and the south-east. All donations received for the display will help care for the feline residents at the sanctuary this Christmas.  DoverFilm made a short video of the switching-on ceremony which you can see on YouTube hereEveryone involved with building and setting up the display donates their free time and considerable technical skills for free. As well as the practice staff, a particularly huge thank you to Roy Perrin and Mark Wells for turning scribbly drawings into working sleighs, reindeer and electronics; and Roy, Mark and Matt Millar for putting it all together on the day.


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