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Cleo's Story

Cleo is a goldfish who had laser surgery at Burnham House to remove an infected eye.

1: Before surgery, Cleo's right eye is extremely swollen.  2: During the operation, water containing anaesthetic is washed over her gills.   You can see the laser head wrapped in sterile fabric at the top of the picture.  3: Nurses Fay and Leasa helping Cleo recover from the anaesthetic.

Vet Jeremy, who performed the operation, said: "Cleo came in with a condition known as 'pop-eye', where an infection causes a large swelling.  Her eye was huge and causing her pain, she was falling to one side.  A course of antibiotics in her food was tried initially but the infection was too severe, so we planned to operate. 

"Surgery on fish poses unique challenges: the fish needs to be out of the water for the procedure, so once she was anaesthetised (the anaesthetic is put into the water in the tank), we set up a special bag of aerated water to run through Cleo's gills to keep her alive out of the tank.  As with any operation, our highly skilled nurses monitored Cleo's heart (using a Doppler probe) throughout to check her level of anaesthesia.  The damaged eye was removed using our surgical laser, which minimises bleeding.

"While Cleo was waking up, nursing staff had to pull her through fresh water to get water through her gills until she was fully round and able to swim for herself.  She made an excellent recovery and was able to balance within a few minutes; and went home the same day."

4 & 5: Cleo fully recovered and ready to go home with Mum.