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Cookie's Story
Cookie is a six-year-old cat who came to us to perform the delicate surgery required to fix a complicated leg fracture.
Cookie's Mum says: "When Cookie didn't come home for breakfast we went looking for her.  When we found her under the car unable to move we didn't know what to think.  She was unable to put her back leg on the ground and we were worried she would either lose her leg or have a permanent disability.  The staff at Burnham House immediately put our concerns to rest.  Jeremy operated on the Friday morning and we were able to visit her over the weekend.  All the staff were quick to reassure us and were always friendly and helpful.
"Cookie was allowed home on cage rest on Monday but within a week had managed to dismantle the end of her pins and screws.  The on-call vet at Burnham House was reassuring and she was back to be x-rayed and given the all-clear on the Friday.  We had several visits to assess her leg and on each occasion we were met with kindness and professionalism.  Special mention should go to Jeremy and Fay (nurse), and to Sally H (receptionist) for looking after Cookie's mum so well.
"Now after weeks of cage rest and 'house arrest' it is really lovely to see Cookie running around the garden like her old self.  She limps occasionally when she wants attention but otherwise you would never know the trauma she suffered.  We cannot thank Burnham House enough for giving us our Cookie back."
Cookie's nurse Fay Millar says: "Cookie came to us with a complicated wrist fracture when her usual vet was unable to perform the operation.  She was assessed by Jeremy who operated the very next day.  Because of the nature and location of the fracture, we had to attach pins to the leg bones and hold them in place with an external fixator, which looks a bit like a sophisticated meccano set!  Cookie didn't appreciate this much and wasn't too impressed with her bandage, but she was a lovely patient to have in the surgery.
"She was a bit nervous when she first came in but her owners visited while she was hospitalised, and she soon got used to us and took her medications well.  She went home on strict rest a few days later, and the fixator was removed a few weeks after that.  This x-ray shows the healed fracture - you can see the small circular holes where the pins were removed.
"Everyone was really pleased to see her back for post-op checkups, her owners were doing really well with postoperative care and Jeremy gave her the all-clear seven weeks post-op.  It's great to hear that she's back to her old self now."