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Burnham House Veterinary Surgery

24-hour care for your entire pet family

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Equine Services
We are a mixed practice and provide veterinary services for all equine species.
All forms of routine equine care are available, from vaccinations and dental care to microchipping and gelding.  We are experienced at providing both medical and surgical services (including both local and general anaesthesia, and radiography) "in the field" so you don't have to worry about transporting your horse.  We can also provide some routine treatments at any of our surgeries to save you a visit fee.  We have a particular interest in the care of more unusual equine species and enjoy looking after the herds of wild Konik horses dotted around east Kent.
Our 24-hour emergency service includes all equine species.  We have extensive experience with remote chemical immobilisation for the more reluctant patient (or, on occasion, the escapee!).  If hospitalisation is required, we usually refer horses to the Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic near Maidstone.