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Burnham House Veterinary Surgery

24-hour care for your entire pet family

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Large Animal (Farm) Services
We are a mixed practice and provide on-farm services for all livestock, as well as caring for "backyard" livestock species kept as pets rather than in a commercial environment.
Our vets offer routine herd health, milk and faecal testing; and husbandry services such as vaccinations, dehorning, castration and foot care.  Clients are always welcome to bring their animals to us to save a visit fee - we're quite used to trailer examinations!  Our 24-hour emergency service includes all livestock species.
Farmers and livestock keepers registered with us can order stock (including bluetongue vaccine) from our repeat prescriptions page.
We are always happy to provide advice - either over the phone or in person - to anyone thinking of keeping livestock, on whatever scale.  For an example of goat care, click here and read Rosie's story.