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Fleas & Worms
Nobody likes their pet to bring home uninvited guests!
There are many preparations available for the prevention and treatment of flea and worm infestations.  We stock a range of products and our vets are always happy to discuss with you which would be the most appropriate for your pets: for example, does your dog rummage in litter bins?  Will your cat shred the curtains if you try to give her a tablet?  Do you have foxes in your garden?  Parasite control should also include treatment of your home - this can be done yearly with Indorex (a household spray) and a good vaccuum.
For clients whose pets we have not seen before, we offer a FREE flea check - a consultation where the vet will discuss your pets requirements with you and check that they are in the right condition to receive flea prevention/treatment medicines. To book a free check please call our reception as normal and state you are booking for a free-of-charge flea check.

Generally, we recommend that cats and dogs are wormed every 3 - 6 months and de-flea'd every 1 - 2 months, depending on the pet and the product used.  Please contact the surgery for specific advice.
Updated 11/08/16 KW