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February 2017 - COMING VERY SOON - The NEW Burnham House Vets website

It hasn't escaped us that our current website is a little, ahem, vintage. But you'll be pleased to know that a new, shiny version is already in creation and we are looking forward to launching it soon! In the meantime, if there is anything you are unable to find on this current site, please call our reception on 01304 206 989 and we will be very happy to help.

Thank you for your patience (and excitement!)

Here is a sneak preview of the new home page..... :)

Christmas Opening Hours


Over the festive season there will be some minimal change to our opening hours as we allow our staff to make merry with their families. Copies of the opening hours are available from any of our branches in December.


We do have drop-in sessions at both Christmas and New Year for those concerns that won't wait but you feel may not be an emergency, and of course our vets are always available 24/7 for emergencies or telephone advice if you are not sure. To contact the on-call vet, simply call our main branch number on 01304 206 989 any time of the day or night.


Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!





Purrs in Parcels and Barks in Boxes!


This year at Christmas, Burnham House Vets are collecting gifts and donations for two excellent local charities - South East Dog Rescue and Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary. Gift tags are available from reception with information about the recipients of your gifts, currently living at the sanctuaries. All gifts of food, toys, blankets, etc welcome at any of our branches and we will deliver to the needy pets in time for Christmas!

Thank you all for your support!





November - Brrr the first frost has arrived and it looks set to be a cold winter!



During the cold spell we'd like to share some advice from the British Veterinary Association (BVA) with our owners to make sure their pets are kept free from winter hazards.


During the winter your pets can be affected by the cold and get ill. To avoid this walk dogs for less time but more often when temperatures drop, and consider putting a dog coat on old dogs or those with thin fur to keep them warm. Keep older cats inside when the weather gets very bad and make sure that even healthy cats are able to access shelter and warmth.

Do not bathe your dog or cat too often over the winter months - unless they’ve rolled in something unbearable! If you do, make sure it’s with warm water and that they are dried thoroughly to prevent them getting cold and becoming ill.


When walking your dog in ice and snowy conditions, do not let it off the lead and avoid walking in areas where ponds or lakes may have frozen over - animals often don’t understand the difference between solid ground and ice and can fall through. In this situation vets urge owners not to go in after their pet as although distressing, it is never worth risking your own life as well as your dog’s. 


Gudrun Ravetz, President of the British Veterinary Association said:
“Each season brings its own set of hazards and winter is no different, so we ask owners to make sure their animals are kept safe and warm over the winter months. Simple things like leaving your dog sat on the cold ground outside a shop whilst you pop in or putting your cat out all night can cause it to get excessively cold which may have a negative impact on their health. Pets still need their usual exercise through the winter, but be mindful of the temperatures outside – it may be better to go outside more regularly for less time than be outside for a long time on one long walk.”


Ross Allen, spokesperson for the British Small Animal Veterinary Association said:
“Give paws a thought – when it gets cold many of us use de-icer, which often leaks onto the ground– this can prove deadly to pets, so it is worth wiping down their legs and paws after being outside. Extreme cold, as well as salt and grit used on the road, can irritate your pet too so when you wipe paws also check for cracks and bleeding. The cold can also worsen some established conditions, such as arthritis. If you’ve not had your annual check-up with your vet, this is a good time of year to schedule a visit.”

Other top tips to keep your dogs and cats safe this winter:

  • Make sure your pet’s bed is in a draft free, warm spot off the floor in the house.
  • Dogs need to be exercised, however during the darker winter months try to walk your dog before night falls. If that isn’t possible, make sure you use a reflective lead, collar or dog coat for your dog and always carry a torch so that other road users can see to avoid you.
  • Make sure to wipe your dog’s paws and belly on returning home from a snowy walk to remove any ice or salt, and to regularly check for cracks in paw-pads or for redness between the toes.
  • Wiping your pets’ paws can also prevent them from ingesting toxins that they may have stood in whilst outside. Antifreeze in particular is highly toxic, with one in four vets reporting having to treat cats for antifreeze poisoning in the last year and a further 2% also treating dogs.




Halloween and Fireworks Night 2016





August 26th - Bank Holiday Opening

It's the bank holiday weekend (hurrah!)

Our opening hours this weekend are slightly different to usual due to the public holiday:
Saturday 27th August -  9am-12.30pm for appointments (as usual)
Sunday 28th August - Out of hours service
Monday 29th August - Drop-in session from 9am-9.30am. No need to book, just turn up and anyone doing so will be seen.
Tuesday 30th August - Normal opening hours resume 8.30am-7pm

July 2016 - The team attends River Country Show and Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary Open Day

In July the team attended both River show and the RMCS open day with our new 'poo flinging' game - throw 'poo' bags at our different sized 'poo' bins and score points to win prizes! The game went down a storm and we raised £100 at River show for the Parish Council and £130 at RMCS Open Day for the Sanctuary. Vet Emma and RVN Fay also judged the dog show at River, to great applause and little ones got to play hook-a-duck at RMCS. Both were lovely events and we will definately be there again next year!

June 2016 - Nurse Charlotte accepts the challenge of hand-rearing a 2 day old kitten

When a concerned member of the public brought in a tiny kitten she had found abandoned in her garden, we knew someone special was needed for this little one. Enter Charlotte! Nurse Charlotte took on the full-time care of the tiny kitten, who we think may have been dropped by mum when moving her babies and forgotten about. Charlotte fed her every 2-3 hours to start with and as she grew, Nala the kitten, went longer between feeds and developed into a healthy little kitten. 
At writing, Nala is now 5 weeks old and thriving. Charlotte, having fallen in love with her has decided to keep her but thankfully she still visits the practice regularly so that the other staff can keep tabs on 'our kitten'! 

June 2016 - The BHVS team attend the summer fete at St Faith's School, Ash, and Whifield Fayre

Another enjoyable day was had at St Faiths School Summer Fete, where Vet Jeremy judged the fun dog show. The team also attended Whitfield Village Fayre with their 'microchip raffle' competition!


April 2016 - Amazing discounts on our most effective flea treatments


For April & May 2016, we are offering up to 25% OFF our most effective flea and tick treatments, including Advocate, Seresto, and Comfortis. If we haven't seen you pet in the past few months we offer a free of charge flea check, at which our vets can prescribe you the most suitable treatment. If we have seen your pets recently, our receptionists will be happy to provide your flea treatment over the counter.


Why not stock up for the summer?!




February 2016 - Chips anyone?


From 6th April 2016 all dogs in England must be microchipped by law. We know from our own experience how microchips make returning lost pets to their owners so much easier - not just dogs but cats too, especially as they are less likely to be wearing a collar with their name and address on.

To help our client become compliant with the law, until 6th April 2016 we are offering microchips for dogs and cats for just £10 each! This is amazing value and can easily be done at any visit to the practice.

To book an appointment with one of our vets or qualified nurses, please phone the practice on 01304 206 989!





February 2016 - Vaccination Amnesty!
We are very excited to announce that with the support of our vaccine manufacturers, during February we are offering initial vaccination for dogs, cats and rabbits for just £30! This includes two vaccinations, and will help our clients protect their pets against potentially fatal disease such as Leptospirosis and Feline Leukaemia. The offer is open to all clients - whether you have just let your pet's vaccine lapse or if they've never had one.
Phone us now to book in and take advantage of this great offer!

January 2016

Road closure! The first half of Castle Street will be closed for 2 weeks from Monday 18th January for works, but don't despair you can still access us via the Russell St diversion, there will be parking available on Castle St and Russell Street, and in an emergency you will still be able to pull up at the front of the building.



December 2015 - Christmas is coming!


It’s that time of year again when everyone takes pleasure in giving to those they love, and those less fortunate than themselves. At Burnham House, the staff support a number of local rescue charities where the homeless are without their forever family over the festive season, and would therefore like to encourage your pets to save a little of their pocket money to help a pet in need.


At the Castle Street surgery, pet toys, treats, gifts and pet clothing(!) will be on sale over the festive season, with all proceeds going to Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary and Happy Endings Rescue. You could treat your pet to a Christmas toy, whilst knowing they will not be the only one to benefit, or they could invest their hard-earned pocket money on a new collar to be party-season ready!

The Practice will also be accepting kind donations and gifts for those animals in the care of the charities, with tags available so you can personalise your gift to a specific animal at the charities.

You can hand your gift or donation into any one of our branches in Walmer, Whitfield or Folkestone but the Charity Shop will be at Burnham House in Castle Street, Dover… whilst stocks last!

Finally, Burnham House are also proud to announce that we will once again be putting on extravagant Christmas decorations at their Dover Surgery. Join us for a festive mulled wine and mince pie at the switch on - date to be announced soon!

December 2015 - Christmas Opening Hours
Our vets will be available 24 hours a day, even on Christmas day for emergencies. Below are our branch opening hours for non-emergencies over the festive period. You can also collect a copy from any of our branches, or download a PDF version here.

October 2015 - Poppies!
We now have our poppy boxes available in each of our branch receptions for you to purchase paper poppies, lapel pins and key rings in aid of The British Legion! Please give generously :)
October 2015 - Bonfire night & fireworks are approaching!
July 2015 - Summer Newsletter now available!
We have (finally!) managed to find the time in between caring for so many lovely animals, to produce our summer newsletter. You can download a copy by clicking on the image below or collect printed copies from any of our branches. Hope you like it!



July 2015 - Offering our clients 5 weeks FREE pet insurance with Vetsure


As a fully accredited Vetsure practice we are able to offer our clients an exclusive offer with Vetsure Pet Insurance - 5 weeks cover free of charge*.  In order to benefit from this offer, you can follow the link below or pop into our practice and we will arrange for Vetsure to contact you and put your cover in place today!


At the point of contact Vetsure will help you understand the different levels of cover available.Whatever level of cover you choose, Vetsure will then give you the first 5 weeks free of charge.  You can cancel at any time during this period without obligation. At the end of the 5 week period (provided you have not chosen to cancel) Vetsure will collect your first monthly instalment –this way, your pet will not have any potential ‘gaps’ in cover.


Interested? Click HERE to be re-directed to more information and to sign up!






19th July 2015 - Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary Open day


The team once again took a stall to the Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary open day on 19th July, when fun was had for all the family. On offer from the BHVS team this year was hook a duck for infants, the hedgehog game, and a game to test your luck but blood sampling one of our [fluffy soft toy] cats! Those who drew 'blood' won a prize. The stall raised an amazing £70 for the cat sanctuary to help them continue the important work they do.
It was lovely to see all of our clients who managed to visit the stall! If you missed the open day, the sanctuary is well worth a visit on its own to see some gorgeous cats looking for their forever homes.

July 2015 - Don't forget the importance of planning for the worst!
With a well-known corporate chain opening another veterinary practice locally, we felt owners should be made aware of the impact their choices can make, especially when things go wrong. Have you asked your vet the right questions?

It is an emergency situation outside of normal opening hours and your pet needs urgent veterinary attention in order to live.

Do you?:
a) Phone your vet and then rush your pet to their normal practice where they are met by their usual vet, who has access to their medical records straight away.

b) Phone your vet and then rush your pet to your practice's nearest branch where your usual vet will meet you, and can access their medical records.

c) Phone your vet who will rush to meet you at your home to tend to your pet if it is not in their interests to move them.

d) Phone your vet and be told to take your pet to a different vets over 30 minutes away, who does not know your pet or have access to their records, and will not come out to visit you.


If you answered A, B, or C, you have realised the value of being registered with a local, private practice who run their own

out-of-hours service, such at Burnham House. If you answered D however, the chances are you are registered with a corporate chain practice or have never asked your vets what their protocol in out-of-hours emergencies is. Perhaps now is the time to ask that question, before you find out the answer in a real emergency?



Upcoming event!  Pretty Muddy Race for Life on 11th July 2015


We're going to get Pretty Muddy! The Burnham House Vets team will be taking on the Muddy Race for Life in Maidstone on Saturday 11th July and would love your support! Here are some pics from last years (cleaner) Race for Life, and what we expect to encounter this year!! :S We would love a big cheer to get us going, or if you would like to donate you can do so at:





June 2015 - What a hot week!


Don't forget snub-nosed and snuffly dog breeds struggle more in hot conditions so be sure to keep your cavaliers cool and your pugs none-too-snug!



27th June 2015 -

The BHVS team had a great day today at the Whitfield Village Fayre! The dog show, expertly judged by our vet Beril was a huge success (so many entrants!!) and our stall attracted plenty of interest... Not least for the free Bonios! Here are some photos from the day including our amazing Best in Show winner (whose very cute ability to 'walk herself' by carrying her own lead and super-friendly outlook clinched it) celebrating with her family and Beril!





June 2015 - Scruffy has his turn at meeting the Burnham House team's field hospital


Scruffy gets a 'tidy up'! Yesterday was Scruffy the European brown bear's turn to follow in Fluffy's footsteps by undergoing a castrate and dental at the Wildwood Trust. Scruffy was very unimpressed to be darted by Vet Jeremy and let out a huge roar before taking his displeasure out on his container (which is luckily very sturdy!). Following his adrenaline rush, there were a few hairy moments whilst Scruffy did a good impression of sleep, whilst actually remaining surprisingly conscious(!) Once he resigned himself however, Scruffy was an excellent anaesthetic patient for nurses Laura and Leasa and his 'extra items down below' were quickly removed. Vet Lara then gave his teeth the once over and soon Scruffy was calmly waking up and wondering why he made all the initial fuss. It turns out even bears have teenage tantrums! ;)




June 2015 - A weasel-y recognisable wildlife baby comes to stay in our kennels


The BHVS kennels is like a scene from 'The Wind in the Willows' this week with a toad, and baby weasel being the latest additions to our wildlife family! Look how cute this little chap is!!





14th June 2015 - The Burnham House Team bring dog agility and classes to the St Faith's at Ash School Summer Fayre
Vet Jeremy, nurse Martina and Admin Katie brought fun to the St Faith's at Ash School Summer Fayre this weekend by running a fun show show and mini agility.

June 2015 - The team castrate Fluffy, one of two European Brown Bears living at Wildwood, after being rescued from Bulgaria
It was a windy but dry day when the team (Vet Jeremy, Vet Lara & Nurses Leasa & Laura) assembled a field hospital at the Wildwood Trust for the first of two bear castrations. Today was Fluffy's turn, and Jeremy had no problem darting him with anaesthetic drug as he trustingly took a strawberry offered through the cage by Leasa. Soon enough Fluffy was sleeping soundly, and he was rolled onto a stretcher and carried to a make-shift operating table constructed of straw bales.  
A much larger scale than your average dog castrate, Fluffy was intubated, de-fluffed (shaven) in the pertinent area, washed thoroughly, and surgery was begun. Jeremy performed the operation, assisted by Leasa monitoring the anaesthetic, Laura scrubbed in to assist and Lara as chief runner. Surgery went very well and soon it was time to carry Fluffy back to his container to wake up on a bed of fresh straw. A nice gentle wake-up and tube removal ensued, monitored by Leasa, and Fluffy was soon groggily frowning at us and wondering why he could feel the breeze a little more in certain areas!
Fluffy has since recovered beautifully and is back to his old antics, although his keepers tell us he is no longer quite as keen on strawberries...
Scruffy's (bear #2) turn is due in a couple of weeks, but shhhh please don't tell him yet....! ;-)

May 2015 - Biology Applied class of 2015 field trip to Wingham Wildlife Park
Our diligent students who attended the Biology Applied course (a 6 week biological science course taught by our own vets) this year got to celebrate in style on the field trip recently. Head Vet Jeremy treated them to a behind-the-scenes tour of Wingham Wildlife Park, during which they got up close and personal with some amazing animals including the tigers Blade and Troy, a tamadua and a baby caracal.
Nurse Fay, who organises the course said "We are very proud of these students - they have learnt a lot over the few weeks they have been with us. It is great that they have tried their hand at practical elements of science such as dissections and laboratory work. They have worked hard and it is a pleasure to now be able to treat them to such a great day out."
CONGRATULATIONS to all our students this year who have worked very hard - We wish you all the best in your exams and future science careers!
Some of the group with Wingham's baby caracal.

9th-17th May 2015 - Rabbit Awareness Week - Is your rabbit a happy bunny?

Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) begins on 9th May this year and Burnham House Veterinary Surgery will be showing its support by offering free rabbit health checks throughout the week!

This year the RAW campaign is focusing on rabbits’ diet and wellbeing, so Burnham House will be offering free consultations to all rabbit owners in East Kent at each of our branches in Dover, Walmer, Whitfield and Folkestone.

Jeremy Stattersfield, Principal Vet, said: “Rabbit Awareness Week is a very important annual campaign and we wanted to be part of the national activity by offering free rabbit health checks all week. We look forward to welcoming rabbit owners to the surgery, to ensure they are not only physically well, but also emotionally.

Matt Brash, TV vet and RAW supporter, said: “This May, the focus is on raising awareness of rabbits’ dietary requirements including their need for a high fibre diet.  Many of the issues seen in practice can be prevented through proper diet and nutrition.  We are trying to educate owners about the diet and how, when fed correctly, this can improve the lifespan of the animal and decrease veterinary bills.  The good news is there are a number of easy ways in which we can help our pet rabbits to be happier and healthier.  With the support of the veterinary community and the pet retail sector, our primary aim is to educate owners in responsible rabbit ownership and improve the wellbeing of Britain’s third most popular pet.”

Burnham House Vets will be open for free rabbit health checks during normal opening hours at all branches and can be contacted on 01304 206 989 to make an appointment.


May 2015 - The Wildwood Trust's water voles come to visit
Seven water voles from the Wildwood Trust came to visit this week for blood sampling, which will be screened for disease prior to breeding and release into the wild. Due to the difficulty in extracting blood from this species, it is necessary to anaesthetise them. As you can see for handling purposes, a Pringle tube is an excellent accessory and all sampling went very smoothly. Vets Jeremy and Lara, and nurses Laura and Leasa cared for them during their visit, and all voles are now back at Wildwood under the fantastic care of the Conservation Team. For more information on all of The Wildwood Trust's conservation programmes, please see their website www.

May 2015 - First Aid courses for dog and cat owners

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering first aid courses to dog and cat owners to help them manage common illnesses and cope in emergency situations, and our first course will be delivered this month!


Each summer the incidence of cut paws, foreign bodies and allergic reactions goes up as cats spend more time outside and dogs visit new places with their owners. Most owners react quickly and get their pet to a vet in time to save them, however there are always instances where without on the spot emergency first aid, an animal may not survive. We hope that our two hour first aid session will give owners confidence to know exactly what to do if their pet is under the weather or if an emergency occurs.


Topics covered include what constitutes an emergency, coping with collapse, managing bleeding, poisoning, choking and much more. Sessions are tailored to either dog or cat owners and will be delivered from our Walmer surgery - The Goodwins Veterinary Surgery, 4 Cambridge Road, Walmer, Kent. CT14 7HG. 

Principal Vet Jeremy Stattersfield says of the service: “This is something we have been meaning to do for a long time. Understandably emergency situations come as a shock to many owners, especially is there is blood involved, for example from a cut paw. By preparing owners for such occurrences we hope they will feel confident delivering first aid and ultimately their pet will stand a better chance of survival.”

Sessions are free of charge to pet owners, with donations encouraged to local animal charities. Places are limited and must be booked in advance. For more information or to book your place, please contact Katie Wells on 01304 206 989 or email




3rd - 9th May 2015 - Hedgehog Awareness Week


It's Hedgehog Awareness Week! For more information on protecting and caring for hedgehogs living locally, have a look at the British Hedgehog Preservation Society website:



April 2015 - Nesting season is here!
Now the clocks have changed and the sun has located his hat again, local birds are busy nesting. Every year at Burnham House we are brought many baby birds which are found by members of the public, and whilst we welcome sick or injured wildlife, sadly many of these chicks have been 'rescued' mistakenly. Whilst the care our nurses give is excellent, nothing can beat the care a parent bird can offer their chick in the wild, and so we want to raise awareness of when it is the right time to remove a chick, and when they are better left alone.
If you find a baby bird, follow our useful flowchart to see what the best course of action is:

April 2015 - Burnham House Vets launches our first quarterly newsletter
We are VERY excited to bring you our first practice newsletter - the Burnham House 'Pet Gazette'! Packed with practice news, patient stories, vet interviews, advice and great offers, we hope you'll love our newsletter. Hard copies are available to collect from any of our branches or you can download the Spring 2015 issue by clicking on the image below.
Topics included in this issue:
  • Pet of the Year 2014
  • Heroic Hudson the weimeraner
  • Flea & wormer offer
  • Quarantine of Wildwood's European brown bears
  • A Day in the Life of a Cat Sanctuary Vet
  • New Children's pet consultations
  • Pet Confessions
  • Vaccination Amnesty
  • Choosing the right Pet Insurance
  • Easter webshop offers
  • Practice of the Year & Vet of the Year nominations
  • Weight clinics
  • Leaflets available to download
  • Practice opening hours & contact information
We would welcome your feedback on the stories featured, any topics you think we should cover in the next issue, or if you feel your pet deserves a mention. You can contact us by clicking here or give us a call on 01304 206 989.

April 2015 - NEW SERVICE - Fixed-price Children's Pet Consultations available at all branches

Owning and caring for a small pet is a rewarding and valuable experience for children. But while it encourages responsibility and respect, if the pet falls ill it can also bring an unforeseen expense to already stretched households. To help promote good health in small pets and to address this issue, Burnham House Veterinary Surgery have decided to offer young owners a special deal to help them care properly for their furry friends.

Vet Jeremy Stattersfield said “Our first concern is always for the welfare of the animal which is why we want to encourage young owners and their parents to seek veterinary advice straight away if they think their pet is poorly.  Small animals are experts at hiding big problems and can go downhill rapidly. Acting quickly can often save upset and further expense. After speaking to parents, we believe that if it is clear how much that first consultation will cost, it will make that decision to seek help much more straightforward.”

The new fixed-price Young Owner’s Consultation includes a full clinical examination by a vet, dietary or housing advice and any initial medication to treat the immediate problem. If the outlook is not good, a compassionate resolution will also be included. This consultation will cost you just £15.00 including VAT.

If your pet then requires further tests, surgical procedures or longer term treatment you will be made fully aware of the cost and care implications at that first consultation. That means that you can make an informed decision before you take the next step.

All Burnham House Vets ask is that the pet belongs to a child or young person under 16 years old, who accompanies the pet for their consultation so that they can learn about its care for themselves, and that you check your species is part of the Young Owner’s Consultation offer. Goldfish and small furries such as hamsters, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits and rats are all included. However, dogs, cats and reptiles are not. Please ask the surgery receptionists in Dover, Whitfield, Walmer or Folkestone if you are not sure.

Burnham House Vets are dedicated to encouraging responsible ownership at a sensible price.


March 2015 - Let us help you plan your pet's next holiday!
With our Dover surgery only a stone's throw from the world's busiest passenger port, we have plenty of experience in assisting owner's preparations for their pet to travel. Vets Jeremy, Rachel and Nina are all DEFRA-Appointed 'Official Veterinarians' (OVs) meaning they are able to issue pet passports and we are happy to give pre-travel advice. 
So why not start planning a holiday with your pet? Whether you are travelling by ferry or flying somewhere more exotic, we can help you make sure you know everything you need to before you set off, giving you peace of mind. Our pet passport leaflet is available to download here, and we recommend the following partner websites for up to date travel information: - Government advice on taking your pet abroad. - An excellent guide to pet travel from Heathrow airport, produced by The Guides Network. - Dover port information.

Another month, another great deal! For the whole of March and April 2015 we are offering 20% OFF our favourite (and most effective!) flea treatments and wormers. As the weather warms up fleas and worms can become a much bigger problem if not controlled properly, so why not make good use of our offer to stock up on treatments to last you the whole summer.
A six pack of flea treatment will last 6 months, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the sunshine!
NB: As these products are prescription items, we will need to have seen your dog or cat within the last 6 months. Not been in? Not a problem! We also offer FREE flea checks with our vets at which they will be able to talk to you about the treatments available and help you find the best one for your pet's lifestyle. Just phone us to book in!

March 2015 - Lara gets a nice surprise!
Lara had a lovely surprise this month when she received a certificate through the post to say she had been nominated for the 'Petplan Vet of the Year 2015' Award! Well done Lara! Vet Jeremy has also been nominated this year, and we have received a nomination for 'Practice of the Year 2015' Award too!

February 2015 - Downloadable copies of our leaflets now available
You can now download each of our in-house leaflets, and many partner leaflets from our website by clicking here.
Topics include avian care, senior pet care, pet size-o-meters and of course our 'general' Burnham House leaflet which tells you all about us! Why not have a look?
Here are our lovely receptionists Sally and Katie demonstrating a few of the leaflets available!
Want to know more about a topic but we don't have a download? Let us know! You can send us a message about what you would like here.

February 2015 - It's Amnesty time!
We know that it can be hard to remember when your pet's vaccinations are due and occasionally they may lapse over the one year point (we've all done it!) meaning they will need a full course (two injections) in order to fully protect them again. Therefore each spring we offer a 'Vaccination Amnesty' where our vaccine suppliers Virbac give us a special deal on vaccines, and we pass the saving on to you. This will allow you to protect your pet from infectious disease such as Leptospirosis in dogs or Leukaemia in cats....all for less than a booster.
Until the end of February 2015 we are offering 50% off a dog or cat re-start vaccine course. Simply phone any of our four branches to book your appointment. We are also pleased to be able to offer micro-chipping for only £10 when done at the same time.

February 2015 - Introducing Bovril!! Burnham House Vets' Pet of the Year 2014

Burnham House Veterinary Surgery are pleased to announce their ‘Pet of the Year 2014’ is Bovril Gilbert.

Ferocious but lovable, 9 year old Bovril presented at Burnham House surgery in early January 2014, very lame on his right front leg and on closer inspection by Vet Lara (during which he bit her!) it became clear that a large abscess (most likely a cat bite) was the source of his pain. The abscess was lanced and drained under general anaesthetic and needed a course of antibiotics to help it heal. However Bovril had already been diagnosed with an inoperable tumour in his mouth in 2013, which was being controlled using steroids. Steroids cause immunity to be lowered and can lead to decreased effectiveness of antibiotics. So Lara had to make a tough decision to withdraw Bovril’s steroids, risking his tumour growing, in order to treat the infection.

Bovril’s tribulations weren’t over yet. His bandage required changing every two days under general anaesthetic for several weeks. After good initial progress, unfortunately the bone in Bovril’s leg began to die through lack of blood from surrounding tissue, and he was forced to undergo another operation to burr the dead bone to stimulate fresh bone growth and muscle repair. The operation was a success and Bovril’s healing was progressing well, maybe too well, when…. Bovril decided to jump off something whilst convalescing at home and landed badly on his injured leg, breaking the already weakened bone in two! Amputation was the only option left.

After several long months of trying to save it, Bovril’s leg was finally removed in April 2014… and he has never looked back! Bovril recovered brilliantly from the operation and following his healing period he is now very much back to his former ferocious, active self; scaling fences and keeping the neighbour’s cats on their toes. He has adjusted fantastically to having only three legs, his tumour is back under control and his character remains intact.

And what of his vet? Lara has long forgiven him for biting her at his first consultation, and in fact is a committed Bovril fan, as most of the staff have become. Bovril even lets her clip his claws conscious nowadays! No wonder he has been voted their ‘Pet of the Year’ by the Burnham House team!

Runners up for ‘Pet of the Year’ 2014, are Scruffy Moore a Jack Russell terrier who is fantastically mischievous and loves his ball, despite being on long-term medication for seizures and eye issues, and Whisky Bryant, a gorgeous grand old lady; a forever patient and relaxed cat who has a heart condition.



Above; Bovril receiving his 'Pet of the Year' trophy with his owners, Vet Lara and Nurse Fay, and having a cuddle with Nurse Fay (during which he didn't bite, scratch or object too much!!). Below: Runners up Whisky Bryant relaxing in our kennels & Scruffy Moore with his owner and his favourite ball!





January 2015 - Focus on travel safety
Pets travel with us almost everywhere these days, from a quick drive to the beach to a touring holiday of Europe. This January we want to help you make sure your pet is enjoying the trip as much as you are. To access free information and advice, simply click the picture below. Happy travels!

January 2015 - Stowaway kitten becomes a UK citizen thanks to kind-hearted Vet Jeremy Stattersfield

It was the 23rd December when Burnham House Veterinary Surgery received a phone call from caring staff at Dover Docks to say that a small female kitten had been found wandering the ferry over from France, with no owner in sight and therefore no import paperwork. Staff at the ferry port were quite taken with the small, bedraggled kitten and wanted to help her if at all possible.

It was an unusual situation, but one that the Vets at Burnham House have come across before due to their location in central Dover, they knew a decision had to be made quickly about the black and white kitten’s fate. Unless the kitten could be quarantined in the UK at a cost of several hundred pounds, it faced being put to sleep on the dock side as a precautionary measure for disease prevention.

Luckily for this kitten, it was Vet Jeremy Stattersfield of Burnham House who answered the call. Unwilling to end the poor kitten’s life, Jeremy offered to fund the cost of her health check, vaccinations, microchip, pet passport and quarantine stay in order to save her life. Jeremy said of the situation: “Maintaining our borders is vital to protect the health of our resident pets, but when quarantine and basic veterinary care can be applied in a situation like this, it would seem inhuman to have killed this kitten. However she came to be on the ferry from France, it is highly unlikely that she was there through her own choice. ”

Very kindly The Animal Inn Quarantine Kennels and Cattery in Ringwould joined the cause and offered to have the kitten in quarantine over the Christmas period at a far reduced rate. And so it was there that she stayed until it was time to be collected by staff from the vets and brought back to our own kennels in Castle Street, Dover. Once surrounded by the daily hum of life in our busy practice she thrived and was named ‘Tash’, inspired by her moustache-like facial markings, by the nurses.

Quickly it was apparent she was not only a very friendly little kitten who was adored by staff for her especially loud purr, but that she was playful and would love a forever home in which to grow. We advertised her on our Facebook page, and a wealth of prospective owners were soon pouring through the door. Kirsty and Ruben Garcia-Mills were at the front of the queue however, and after much discussion with the nurses and of course meeting the gorgeous kitten, who adored them, they took the lovely Tash home.

Kirsty says “she is settling in well and loves a cuddle. Her purr is as loud as ever!” The nurses at Burnham House, who it must be said are missing Tash a little, have been in regular contact with her new owners and are delighted that a once-homeless French kitten has come to be so loved already by her new UK family.




Biology Applied 2015 - Applications NOW OPEN!
Each year the Vets at Burnham House offer a course to the brightest sixth form biology students from local schools to help further their knowledge and compliment the course work of the sixth form. 2015 will be our 11th year of offering the course.
Sessions will be held on a Wednesday afternoon from 4.30pm- 6.30pm every week from 4th February to 25th March. The course is directed towards students planning to explore careers in human and veterinary medicine, or other biological subjects.
The course is very hands-on, and will include topics such as:
  • Blood, bugs and tissues
  • Bacteria and antibiotics; a practical session
  • Zoo life; conservation and welfare
  • Osteology (bone morphology)
  • Blood cells of birds and mammals
  • Cardiopulmonary system; how does it work?
  • A practical session on suturing
  • Flight; Fat birds fly better than thin mammals - why?


A nominal charge of £1 per session will be made, and students who attend regularly will be invited to the final session in April which is usually an unusual field trip! Student places are limited and will be offered to those who impress with their applications. For more information or to apply, please download the forms below. Completed forms should be returned to Fay Millar RVN, Burnham House Veterinary Surgery, 33-35 Castle Street, Dover, Kent. CT16 1PT.


If you wish to discuss the course, please call Fay on 01304 206 989.


Biology Applied Schools Info Letter 2014.pdf


Biology Applied Application Form 2014.docx


Wishing all our clients and friends a happy and healthy New Year!
We've had a fantastic 2014 at Burnham House and have met so many amazing animals and really caring owners.
Let's hope 2015 is as busy as ever - we thrive on it!

Charity animals receive their Christmas stockings from Burnham House Vets
We would like to say a huge thank you to all our clients and friends who contributed to our stocking appeal. We were amazed by the fantastic amount (and variety!) of stockings and presents we received to pass on to our chosen charities in time for Christmas day.
As you will see below, the animals at Happy Endings Rescue were delighted with their stockings when we delivered them on Christmas eve, and others at Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary and South East Dog Rescue have been overwhelmed by the support too. We received over 70 filled stockings in total to pass on, as well as bags of food, sacks of carrots for the horses, and blankets to keep the animals warm through the winter. An amazing result for charities we know to be caring and proactive in the wellbeing of the animals they care for.

Wishing all our Clients and Friends a very Merry Christmas & a wonderful New Year!

Burnham House is nominated for Petplan 'Practice of the Year' & Vet Jeremy Stattersfield for 'Vet of the Year'
We are delighted to have been nominated again for the Petplan Pratice of the Year Award. It is a huge compliment to hear that our clients have been so impressed with the service they received through our practice that they have taken the time and effort to nominate - thank you!
Principal Vet Jeremy Stattersfield has also received a nomination for the 'Vet of the Year' category - something he is no stranger to, having been nominated for several years in a row. Never one to over-look the honour however, he was as chuffed as ever when his 2014 certificate arrived in the post.

5th December 2014 - 'Stocking Up For Christmas' Campaign is going well
Thank you to each of our clients who has donated stockings or gifts to animals in charity care so far. As you can see from this photo below, we have had many generous donations. If you haven't filled a stocking yet though, there is still plenty of time! You can fill your own stocking, or for a £2 donation buy a pre-filled or fillable stocking from our Dover surgery. Tags are available from all branches with details of specific animals who are hoping for a stocking so you can personalise your present.
All stockings will be delivered to our 3 chosen charities in time for Christmas.

December 2014 - Our Christmas Campaign 'Stocking Up For Christmas' is launched!
Every year at Christmas time Burnham House Vets try to help out local animal charities to bring a little Christmas sparkle into the lives of pets in sanctuaries. This year we are very excited to be fundraising for:
Happy Endings Rescue
Rhodes Minnis Cat
South East Dog Rescue
Each of these charities has impressed us this year with not only the dedication and commitment they bring to their roles, but also the real love and care they give to each and every animal.
We would love our clients and members of the public to fill a stocking for an animal staying at one of these shelters, with food, toys, treats, etc to brighten their Christmas. All stockings/gifts can be dropped into any of our four branches and we will make sure they reach the charities in time for Christmas day.
If you would like to make your stocking or gift personal to the animal of your choice you can do this too. Gift tags are available from our reception which will tell you your animal's name and a bit about them. You can attach this to your gift to make sure it will reach that specific animal, and of course they will know it is from you!
Happy Stocking filling! We wish all our friends and clients a very merry festive time!

November 2014 - The Bears arrive at Wildwood!
After a impressive campaign which saw The Wildwood Trust raise over £50,000 to rescue two European Brown Bears from concrete captivity in Bulgaria, the bears finally arrived on Kentish soil this week.
As vets to the Trust's animals, Burnham House staff were at the site in Herne Common to greet them. Despite a long journey through several countries, the bears arrived safely and in reasonable health. After having lived off porridge for most of their lives, they will slowly be introduced to a new bear-appropriate diet and their health will be closely monitored for several weeks to come whilst in quarantine. The Wildwood Trust's new enclosure provides sheltered over-night accommodation for the bears, as well as an enclosure housing a pool for swimming and climbing equipment. For these bears, who have only ever known concrete pits as home, it must be a real luxury!
Burnham House would like to congratulate The Wildwood Trust on the successful rescue of these beautiful creatures, and we hope that the people of Kent enjoy seeing them in excellent health in the months and years to come.
You can follow the appeal and the bears at the Wildwood Trust's website:

Petplan Veterinary Awards 2015 - Nominations are open!
The annual Petplan Awards recognise that keeping customers happy and pets healthy is a team effort from the receptionist and support staff right through to the vets and nurses themselves. They provide an opportunity for people to recognise the hard work and dedication of veterinary staff and provide a great opportunity for pet owners to say 'thank you'.
So, if you want to send a special thank you to one of our staff why not nominate them for an award? You can nominate online at: or by collecting a form from branch.

October 2014 - Something Fishy is going on around here!
There was recently an article on the BBC and in several newspapers about an amazing Australian vet who had performed surgery on a goldfish to remove a tumour Well, we hate to blow our own trumpets, but at Burnham House we have done this sort of operation for several years now.
In October, not long after the BBC article was published came along our latest fishy challenge! Meet 'Fish' who came to the surgery with a large tumour on his upper back. Vet Jeremy performed his surgery, assisted by nurse Laura. Fish's operation went swimmingly and the lump was successfully removed by laser, leaving very little scarring. Fish's owners tell us he has found a new lease of life since the operation! Excellent work team!

22nd October 2014 - Vet Rachel teaches children about 'Living things' at Vale View
The children at local Vale View Primary School had been studying living things this term, and when their teachers decided they deserved an end of unit treat, they asked for our help. Vet Rachel went along to the school with various, to speak to the children about animal handling how to safely approach new animals. The children loved it and were especially taken in by Eddie the dog who had been allowed out on good behaviour by owner vet nurse Fay.

October 2014 - Fireworks night is approaching!
Fireworks season and bonfire night are soon approaching and there is no better time to start thinking about how to avoid unnecessary stress for your pets. Our vets are always happy to offer tailored advice on how best to help your pet cope with loud noises and bright lights, and there are remedies available to calm your pet.
We also offer a range of products in our ONLINE PETSHOP to help your pet - from soothing noise CDs, to distracting treats, we have it covered. Just visit

9th October 2014 - Burnham House support St Faith's at Ash School Science Spectacular 
This year Burnham House decided to take the children of St Faiths School in Ash on a 'Seaside Safari' as part of the School Science Spectacular. This involved an activity of matching coastal and marine species to their habitats - something the children were very good at - followed by an introduction to the real thing by having HUGE live edible crabs for the children to look at, whilst learning about how a crab is adapted to it's habitat. In contract we also had some tiny shrimps for the children to watch swimming around.
Finally the safari ended at our make-shift beach where the children dug around in the sand to locate treasures such as shells, cuttlefish, seaweed, fish eggs, and much more. Everyone had a fantastic time, not least the children who had a variety of other science-based stations to tour throughout the day, and were no doubt very tired by the end of it!

8th October 2014 - Vet Rachel talks to children at Lydden Primary School about different habitats
When they are not busy caring for our client's animals, our Vets are more than happy to share their knowledge with local schools and community groups. On Wednesday 8th October, it was Vet Rachel Croucher's turn to entertain the children studying Key Stage 1 & 2 at Lydden Primary School. On the request of the teaching staff, Rachel devised a short talk and games about habitats and the adaptions animals have to make them suitable for their individual habitats. To demonstrate animal adaptions, Rachel was accompanied on the visit by a hedgehog, grasshopper, pigeon and wolf (Eddie, a grey terrier who was in character as a wolf for the day!). The children were enthused and played their parts excellently, much to Rachel's delight.
A great day out and a chance for local children to have some hands-on time with a variety of animals!



October 2014 - Burnham House perform an emergency operation on a Wildwood Trust wolf


When keepers at The Wildwood Trust saw that one of their wolves had torn his stopper pad on his paw open, they knew who to call!

Vet Jeremy and nurses Leasa and Laura took a huge amount of equipment out to the park to set up a field hospital, and using a straw bale as an operating table they were able to perform surgery to remove the torn pad and stitch up the wound under general anaesthetic. A plastic cone to prevent licking of the wound was not an option in this instance (!) so healing has been slow, but the leg has eventually healed and the wolf is back in the enclosure with his friends.





September 2014 - Chris the tortoise undergoes urolith surgery

When Chris the tortoise was brought to Burnham House by her worried owners she was off her food and declining quickly. She was x-rayed under the suspicion that she was egg-bound, but soon it became clear the problem was much larger(!). The large white mass visible on the x-ray below shows the cause of her problems - a huge urolith (bladder stone) the size of a golf ball.

Chris underwent surgery to remove the urolith; a complex 2 hour operation where a 'trap-door' was cut into her shell to allow access to her bladder, the stone removed, and then the 'trap door' sealed shut again. The operation went very well and Chris is recovering brilliantly, thanks to Jeremy and the nursing team. Below you can see photos taken during her operation, Chris afterwards next to her stone(!), and with her owners when she came for her post-op check. 


September 2014 - Welcome to new Vet Beril

We are pleased to welcome new Vet Beril Gabay to the practice, fresh from graduating at London's Royal Veterinary College. Beril is originally from Istanbul in Turkey, and has also studied in the USA. Beril has a wealth of equine experience and is a member of the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA). She is looking forward to developing her knowledge of other species, and settling in to life in Kent. Welcome Beril!

24th September 2014 - East Kent Ploughing Match

Veterinary nurses Kim and Sam, supported by Tinker the shetland, represented the practice at the East Kent Ploughing Match this week. The Burnham House stall offered several games, as well as information and advice leaflets. Tink was a huge success with visiting school children and all the proceeds raised from the games are to go to the Wildwood Bear Appeal, which aims to raise £50,000 to rescue two bears from Eastern Europe. Nice one girls!


22nd September 2014 - Welcome to our new Vet Nikki Webber

We are very pleased to welcome Vet Nikki Webber to the BHVS team. Nikki has come to us from a practice in the north of England, and is looking forward to settling into the south and being closer to her home county of Essex. Nikki has two small dogs, Sanza and Ruby, at home to keep her on her toes but as you can see she can often be found cuddling cats (and other species!) too.
Welcome Nikki!

13th September 2014 - NEW ONLINE PETSHOP!


We are very proud to introduce our new online petshop, offering the pet products you love at amazing prices. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Click on 'ONLINE PETSHOP' on the left menu bar and enjoy browsing for your furry friends!

All available for home delivery or collection from the practice.


September 2014 - Happy Birthday Milly!

Here is our lovely practice dog Milly enjoying her 15th birthday in style. Despite being in her 'golden years' and officially retired from running the practice, Milly still enjoys a game of fetch followed by a good sleep under any available desk. As is done with Milly, we recommend our clients have regular health checks for their ageing pets, and our vets are happy to offer advice on how best to care for your pet during their retirement. Happy birthday Milly!


August 2014 - Introducing Florence the VERY lucky lurcher

Florence is a 3 year old whippet who seems to have more lives than a cat! Whilst on an afternoon walk, Florence was sadly attacked by another dog. She sustained severe injuries to her throat where the other dog had actually bitten straight through her jugular! Florence lost a significant amount of blood and was rushed into Burnham House in a very bad way. Her injuries were so severe that it was unclear if she would pull through and her owners had to prepare for the worst. On-call vet Rachel and nurse Laura took Florence into surgery where her injuries were assessed and repaired. Florence needed intensive care after the operation including IV fluids, antibiotics, pain killers and lots of cuddles. Against all odds, and much to her owner's relief she pulled through. Her wounds have now healed and she is starting to get back to normal, albeit a little wary of bigger dogs! Here she is all better with Rachel, Laura and her owners.

20th July 2014 - Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary Open Day

The Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary open day on sunday was a fantastic day out and very well attended! Burnham House were one of many stall holders at the event, with everything from dog agility to famous meringues to tempt people to this family event. We introduced our new challenge of drawing blood from our cuddly toy cats to win a prize, as well as our classic hedgehog and hook a duck games. A great day was had by all. All proceeds from the event will go to maintaining the cat sanctuary for years to come! If you would like to find out more about the sanctuary, please visit

The Open Day raised an amazing £4312 for the Sanctuary - Well done everyone!!

Our next stall-holding event will be at the East Kent Ploughing Match on 24th September 2014 - See you there!

16th June 2014

Last weekend was a busy one! Not only did we spoil our dads rotten for Father's Day, but the Burnham House team also entered the Race For Life in Folkestone and ran a dog show at a local school.  Well done to all the girls (and dogs) who ran the 5k Race For Life (lovely costumes!) and a huge thank you to all our lovely clients, friends and family who sponsored them. The team raised an amazing £612 for Cancer Research UK - A huge success!

The dog show also went very well with plenty of entrants for classes such as 'Best Fancy Dress', 'Fastest Bonio Eater' and 'Longest Lie Down'. For reference, the Fastest Bonio Eater was won by a labarador, in an amazing 10.81 seconds!  Everyone had a lovely day and lots of dogs left with rosettes, a variety of prizes and their very proud owners.

6th March 2014

This week we've had the fab news that two more of our vets - Rachel and Jeremy - have been nominated for PetPlan's national Vet of the Year.  With Heidi's nomination and our Practice of the Year nomination we've had a record year this year and it's so nice for our staff to know that their hard work is appreciated.  HUGE thanks to all who sent in nominations.


30th January 2014
We'd like you to meet... Penny! 
Penny is a Miniature Schnauzer who has been voted Patient of the Year 2013 by surgery staff for maintaining her lovable manner during a traumatic year, including knee surgery and a serious bout of pancreatitis.


3rd January 2014
Look what arrived in the post today! We're thrilled to bits that we're nominated for Practice of the Year 2014, and Heidi has been nominated for Vet of the Year! We're SO pleased - huge thanks to everyone who nominated us.

If you'd like to support our nominations, you can do so here by clicking the logo below, until 31st January. Thank you thank you thank you from a very happy Burnham House! 

16th December 2013 - Christmas lights
Our Christmas lights were switched on by Dylan this year - with a little help from Tink the Shetland pony!

3rd December 2013 - More congratulations! 
Congratulations are again in order for one of our fantastic nurses - Fay Millar has passed her City & Guilds Certificate in Nursing Exotic Species.  She's been studying four groups for the past year: avian, small mammal, reptile & amphibian, and British wildlife; learning about the specific biology, husbandry, handling and nutrition for each species as well as diseases, pathology, fluid therapy and anaesthesia.  Well done Fay!


17th October 2013 - Congratulations to newly-qualified Veterinary Nurse Laura Wilson RVN!
Huge congratulations to our fantastic nursing student Laura, who got her final exam results today and is now a fully qualified veterinary nurse.  Laura first completed a diploma in animal care before joining the practice as an Animal Nursing Assistant in 2009.  She began her veterinary nurse training with Canterbury College while still working, with the support of our qualified nurses and clinical staff, and took her last set of practical exams in September.
She can now swap her stripy uniform for qualified nurses' green, and will shortly be presented with the nurses' badge depicting St Francis, the patron saint of animals.  Well done Laura!

15th October 2013 - St Faith's School Science Spectacular
Last week several of our staff visited St Faith's Primary School to take part in their Science Spectacular!  We ran sessions on Nocturnal Creatures, Fur and Feathers, and Operation.  It was a really fun day and the children sent us some brilliant artwork to say thank you:
For more information or to talk to us about visiting your school, please contact the Castle Street surgery on 01304 206989.


2nd October 2013 - John Douch MRCVS


We've received news that vet John Douch, who sold the practice to Jeremy in 1990, died last week. 


Our longer-standing clients will remember Mr Douch, who practiced single-handed for over 35 years, and his wife, Barbara, at the original surgery in the basement of number 33. 


Some years ago Mr Douch gave an interview to his old college, which gives some lovely details about his life and veterinary career:



Our thoughts are with his family.

28th June 2013 - Meet the amazing travelling cat


Poussey's story has made the news this week - read the amazing story of his (unintended) journey from Le Havre to Burnham House.






31st May 2013 - Sandgate School learns about animals

Children at Sandgate Primary School had some unusual visitors this week - two tortoises and a rabbit - as part of a week of learning about different creatures.  Burnham House Vet Nina Adeyeye visited the school to introduce different species and teach pupils about careful handling and caring for different animals. 

Nina said, "The children seemed to be really enjoying themselves.  They had done a lot of research and had some really good questions.  Not all youngsters have pets at home, so it's nice to give everyone the opportunity to interact with animals."

School staff said that the visit was a great success and hope it will become a regular event.

If you would like a visit for your school (with or without some of our pets!), please contact the surgery on 01304 206989.

26th April 2013 - Rabbit Awareness Week is coming to Walmer

From 4th to 10th May our Walmer branch, The Goodwins Veterinary Surgery, will be participating in Rabbit Awareness Week.  We'll be offering free spring health checks for all bunnies and discounted products as well as some yummy free samples!  To make an appointment for your rabbit, call the Goodwins on 01304 360005.  There's more info on other bunny-related activities happening all throughout the week on the Rabbit Awareness Week website.

15th April 2013
- Basset Bruce is Patient of the Year 2012-13!

This year the staff have unanimously voted seven-year-old Basset Hound Bruce Farrow as our Patient of the Year.  Bruce has had an unlucky year - major abdominal surgery for a splenic torsion (where the spleen becomes twisted and must be removed) and just a few months later, a severe case of pancreatitis.  Bruce's happy personality and permanently wagging tail made him a favourite with the staff and he thoroughly deserves the title.  Read Bruce's Story here.

12th April 2013 - Cleo the goldfish has eye operation at Burnham House

Surgery on fish poses unique challenges.  Cleo Melluish came to us with a condition known as "pop-eye" - where an infection causes a large, painful swelling.  Two of our vets and nurses performed the operation under special conditions at Burnham House and Cleo made a full recovery.  Read Cleo's Story here.

18th March 2013 - The Burnham House Barnyard Bake-Off for Comic Relief

The Bake-Off was a fantastic success with over £130 raised through the sale of some amazing animal-themed cupcakes.  As promised, the icing on the cake is the matching of all donations by Burnham House, bringing the grand total to just over £260!  Each day two or three staff bakers pitted their cupcakes against each other.  There was a little bit of friendly in-house competition and we ended up with some innovative creations - from marshmallow sheep to biscuit menageries!  The winners were:  First place, Fay Millar; Second, Kim Pressnell; Third, Nina Adeyeye.  We would like to thank everyone who supported us by buying our baked goods and helped us to support Comic Relief, there were some very generous donations.

5th February 2013 - New A-level students arrive

Our hugely popular hands-on course, Biology:Applied, starts this week with a new crop of A-level Biology students from local schools and sixth forms.  Each week a different member of staff leads a two-hour session on an aspect of applied science that students may not encounter in class.  Previous sessions have included investigations into the mechanics of bird flight, the ethics of conservation, and exercise physiology.  Students are usually aiming for careers in medicine and allied subjects and we hope these sessions will help bring their A-level studies to life!  If you are studying A-level Biology and would like to apply for next year's course, please contact Fay Millar at the Dover surgery.