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Overnight Care
The staff at Burnham House work as a 24-hour/365-days-a-year team in order to provide round the clock care.
We appreciate how worrying it can be to leave your pet overnight - so we want to explain how it works and reassure you that your pet will be in the best possible hands with us.
First of all, we think it's vital that there is someone on site throughout the night: two of our nursing staff are in the building in case of emergency; in addition to our full 24-hour on-call service of both vets and nurses.
Secondly, we value continuation of care, so your pet will be put to bed by the nurses who have been caring for him or her during the day.  The ward nurse who feeds and administers medication to your pet during the day will give them their tea and make sure they are comfortable.  Then the late nurse who has been with your pet during the afternoon will oversee any toilet trips to the garden, administer any further medication, give any bedtime reassurances and cuddles, and settle them down for lights out.
But that's not the end of the day.  The duty nurse will continue to check on inpatients throughout the evening until 11pm to make sure that everything is as it should be and will administer any regular medication as it is required.  She will then be on-call alongside the duty vet to deal with any emergencies.
Sometimes animals come in so sick (or so young) that they need constant care.  Our nursing staff will stay with them or make repeated visits to medicate, feed, or just love these vulnerable patients.  Every animal, from orphaned wildlife to those with the most severe acute injury or illness, gets the same standard of intensive care when they need it.
If everything is quiet then late checks will be done by the nurses on site before everyone tries to get in some sleep.
When morning comes the ward nurse will be back in by 8am for handover, offering breakfast and morning medication to our overnight guests.
If your pet has an ongoing condition or requires regular medication, we offer a respite care service - "Holiday Hospital" - if you need to go away.  Contact the surgery for more information.