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Penny's Story

Penny is a 10 year old miniature Schnauzer who has had a particularly bad year but maintained her calm, lovable manner throughout.  She was voted Patient of the Year 2013 by the practice staff.

“We all have problems in our lives but Penny had more than her share this year“ said Vet Jeremy Stattersfield.

In March 2013, Penny needed a major orthopaedic operation at Burnham House to repair a broken ligament in her right knee. If this wasn’t tough enough, in July and August she became extremely ill with life-threatening pancreatitis and was admitted to Burnham House; this time for emergency treatment.

She was so poorly that night that her owners Mark Slaney and Steinar Berg-Olsen, came in to the surgery to say what may have, been a final goodbye.  No one was sure if she would survive the night.  By morning the nurses caring for her had seen her stabilise and everyone felt she might pull through.

Happily, despite the severity of her condition, and after a lot intensive care, round the clock nursing, and cuddles from the staff, she pulled through and has slowly returned to her normal self.

Nurse Fay Millar said: “Throughout her illness, Penny coped with all the injections and medical procedures needed whilst maintaining her usual gentle demeanour and good nature.  Everyone at Burnham House knows and loves Penny (and her sister Jo), and we wish them the best of health in the future.”