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Scout's Story
Scout is a border collie who was diagnosed with epilepsy at nine months old.
Mum Jaclyn tells Scout's story:
"Scout has been in and out of Burnham House Vets since she was six weeks old, when she had her first fit.  About six months later she experienced more fits in a 'cluster' which was very worrying and unusual in a young puppy.  The Burnham House team ran tests to investigate the cause, but whilst waiting for the results, Scout had more fits.
"After the test results came back showing nothing unusual and there being a chance that it could be epilepsy, Scout was put on anti-epileptic medication.  The tablets stopped her seizures and the team started to try reducing the dose so that it wouldn't cause long-term damage to her.  She was doing fine until six weeks later she had another cluster of fits.
"Scout had to spend five days in intensive care at the vets as the fits were so severe this time.  We nearly lost her, but she is a fighter and she pulled through.  She is now on a mixture of two medications.  One did affect her personality but she is slowly getting used to it and getting back to her old self.  She regularly goes to see Jeremy so that he can check her over and make sure she is on the right dose.
"Scout's the centre of attention at home and is making the most of it by being very naughty.  She's turned the garden hose into a sprinkler, she likes eating bread, flowers and snails and she has even kissed a toad!  Scout also likes to help mum in the garden by carrying plant pots and the watering can around.
"Scout really appreciates everything that her friends at Burnham House have done for her.  Sometimes it is tough looking after her and she is hard work, but she is worth it.  We hope that other people with pets that have epilepsy will give their animals a chance too."
Support canine epilepsy: Animal Health Trust, Canine Epilepsy site
Jeremy says:
"Epilepsy is a hard disease to both diagnose and treat.  It is always a huge help to have a committed owner who is prepared to spend time helping these patients that often take a little while to settle into their medication and lead a life that has good quality.  Weeks spent with a dog having fits at any time are stressful for the whole family and it is the mark of a good owner if they can work through the problems with our help.