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Sneezer's Story
Our 2007-8 Patient of the Year Award went to diabetic Sneezer Anderson.
This year staff at Burnham House have voted diabetic Sneezer Patient of the Year because we believe he is the perfect patient.  Sneezer's condition means that he has to put up with daily insulin injections as well as regular tests for glucose levels and take medication to keep him stable.
But he never complains and even wags his tail when he makes one of his frequent trips to the surgery.  Sometimes he needs hospitalisation, which means having intravenous fluid therapy (a "drip" line), but he's never grumpy with the nurses who are taking care of him.
Recently Sneezer lost his sight when he developed cataracts in both eyes and had to go away to the Animal Health Trust for specialist ophthalmic lens surgery.  He couldn't even be given treats for being so brave because they can upset his strict diet.
All the staff at Burnham House make a note throughout the year of patients who have pulled through major surgery or treatment with courage and good humour - Sneezer was a favourite to get the nurses' vote because he is such a pleasure to treat.