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Sprocket's Story
Hungarian Viszla Sprocket was our 2010-11 Patient of the Year for his lovely nature and permanently wagging tail in the face of serious illness.
Sprocket is a four-year-old viszla who lives in Guston.  He came to Burnham House at the beginning of 2009 running a temperature and very subdued.  Within two days he was severely ill with a very high temperature and symptoms of stiffness and pain, especially in his neck area. 
He was checked for Lyme disease with a blood sample and we performed a spinal tap to obtain a fluid sample to test for meningitis.  The Animal Health Trust confirmed a diagnosis of Steroid Responsive Meningitis (SRM) and he returned to Burnham House for treatment.  Here he was put on an intensive course of steroids and chemotherapy and became a regular visitor to the surgery for his medications. 
As an inpatient Sprocket was, at first, a very poorly pup who, at the height of his illness, was unable even to lift his head up.  But he would still wag his tail when any of the nursing staff tended to his needs, or when his mum and dad came to visit him.
Throughout his illness and recovery, Sprocket was the perfect patient who was gentle and good-natured even when he felt so poorly.  He was always pleased to see everyone, from the nurses and vets to the receptionists and admin staff, who would pop down to his kennel regularly for updates on his progress.
Sprocket is now fully recovered from his life-threatening illness, and although it took just over ten months of treatment and medication he is still a gentle and affectionate visitor when he comes into the practice.  He is a great Patient of the Year.
Fay Millar RVN