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Patients' Stories & Photos 
One of the wonderful things about working with animals is the letters (and photos!) we receive from owners whose pets have been patients here.
Occasionally the animals themselves write... such as this letter from Bovril the cat, which really made us laugh.  Bovril's literary agent has kindly given us permission to publish it.
You can read some of the stories from recent patients using the links below.
If your pet has been in making friends with the nurses, causing havoc, or just quietly getting better, we'd love to hear from you.  Send us an email here.

Beau (Cocker Spaniel) chest surgery to close a hole in his heart
Benson (Miniature Dachshund) spinal surgery to remove a slipped disc
Bruce (Basset Hound) splenic torsion and pancreatitis
Cabus (Golden Retriever) chemotherapy for a brain tumour
Ella (Red Setter) laser facial surgery for a jaw tumour
Moby (Border Collie) limb amputation following invasive tumour
Penny (Miniature Schnauzer) knee surgery and pancreatitis
Scout (Border Collie) epilepsy
Sneezer (Bedlington Terrier cross) eye surgery and diabetes
Sprocket (Hungarian Viszla) acute meningitis

Casper orthopaedic surgery following a road accident
Cookie orthopaedic surgery and external fixators following a road accident
Halloran reconstructive surgery to close a large skin wound
Idris reconstructive surgery for multiple complex fractures following a road accident
Poussey stowaway on a cross-channel ferry

Other Species:
Cleo (Goldfish) laser surgery to remove an infected eye
Rhoda (Badger) ovariohysterectomy
Rosie (Goat) overgrown hooves

Updated 30/01/14 hp