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Travelling with Your Pet
Largely due to our location on the south coast, we have extensive experience of both the Pet Travel Scheme ("Pet Passports") for Europe, and EHCs if you and your pet are travelling further afield.
Pet Travel Scheme
We are the closest veterinary practice to Calais!  In summary, to issue a Pet Passport, your pet will firstly require a microchip, followed by a vaccination against rabies.  21 days later, we can issue the passport.  Your pet will also need treating for ticks and tapeworm 24-120 hours before (re-)entering the UK and we can provide a list of English-speaking vets in Calais for this.  You should always check the exact requirements for your pet and your travel plans with DEFRA.  You can check their website, or the scheme helpline is 0845 6030807.
Right: Jeremy does not actually recommend this method of transport for post-op animals...
Importing/Exporting your pet
If you and your pet are travelling further afield an export certificate (EHC) may be more appropriate.  These are usually overseen by DEFRA and the corresponding government body in the destination country.  The regulations are very different depending on the species, route, mode of transport and many other variables.  We can help you with all stages of the process - your first step should be to determine the exact requirements for you and your pets by contacting DEFRA on 01737 242242.
Updated 10/08/12