Exotic Pet Services

At Burnham House Vets we are happy to offer veterinary care to all species, from pythons to parrots. Our vets routinely care for a huge variety of exotic pets as well as zoological collections around Kent. 

Jeremy Stattersfield MRCVS, Practice Principal, has worked with exotic species for over 25 years and has built up an extensive knowledge base (not to mention library!) that he shares with the other vets. He is a member of the British Zoological Society (BVZS) and the Association of Avian Veterinarians.

Rachel Croucher MRCVS, another of our vets, is currently studying for her Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice, focusing on exotic species. She is also a member of the BVZS and regularly attends exotic animal clinical professional development.

Leasa Neame RVN, our Head Nurse, is also a holder of a certificate in nursing exotic species.

Laura Wilson RVN has spent sabbaticals in both South Africa working with large game species and in China working with bears.

We are always happy to provide pre-purchase and husbandry advice, over the phone or in person, to owners and other vets.

We have full indoor and outdoor hospitalisation facilities for all exotic species including vivaria, incubators, aviaries and isolation facilities; as well as accommodation for aquatic species.  We provide veterinary support for local zoological and wildlife collections and are experienced at providing full anaesthesia and surgical facilities in the field including remote chemical immobilisation ("darting") and remote drug delivery.  We are also experienced with legal and licensing work including Zoo Licensing and inspections under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act.

Several of our vets are Marine Mammal Medics and we are always happy to be called to attend sick, injured or stranded sea mammals.  We work closely with British Divers Marine Life Rescue and have hospitalisation facilities to house grey or common seals while they recuperate prior to release.

For more information about our exotic services or zoological work, please contact our reception on 01304 206 989 and we will be happy to talk to you.

Exotics Gallery

A few of our exotic patients treated in recent years! See also our page on wildlife!

Updated April 2020