Flea Treatment Advice

At Burnham House Vets we believe you should get value for money when buying prophylactic treatments for your pets. We therefore only stock prescription flea treatments as we know a huge amount of research, testing and trials go into these to make sure they are great products.

However there are a lot on the market! To help you identify the best product for your pet, we offer Free 'flea checks' - veterinary consultations where you can ask about all the different products, we will work out which will suit your pet and their lifestyle best and we can explain how they are used. 

Free 'flea checks' can be booked at any of our branches during consultation times. Just phone us on 01304 206 989 to book yours today. Once a vet has seen your pet, we can then sell you prescription flea treatments, as long as we have seen one of your pets within the last 6 months. If we haven't, no problem - just pop them back in for another Free flea check!

Every spring time we also do great offers on our best flea treatments to help you get your pet protected when they need it most. Watch our Facebook site and News on the website for the current offers and any upcoming offers.

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Updated April 2020