Holiday Hospital

'Holiday hospital' is a service we provide to our clients who need to get away or attend to other areas of their lives, but whose pets are on medication or have an accident at the wrong time, making a cattery or kennels stay a worry too far. 

Essentially it is boarding for your pet at our Dover practice, during which they will be cared for by our nursing team, with veterinary support to ensure that they get all their medication (cats - tablets!) and have veterinary supervision of their problems. 

Our nursing staff will bed your pet down in a snuggly clean kennel, offer food which you can provide yourself or we can provide (as long as we stock it!) and generally give your beloved pet plenty of attention, TLC, trips to the garden for dogs and fuss all round. If our nurses have any concerns about your pet, they will alert one of our vets who will be on hand to provide veterinary care if necessary. Owners are therefore able to go on holiday or away for a few days safe in the knowledge that their pet is receiving the best of care.

Please note, this service is only offered to our own clients who have been under the veterinary care of the practice for at least 6 months. There is a charge for this service which is similar to kennel/cattery prices in the local area. Please contact us on 01304 206 989 if you would like to know more or to discuss possible dates. 

Exotic hospitalisation

In addition to our dog and cat kennels, we also have extensive housing for our more exotic guests such as vivariums, tanks, incubators, indoor bird aviaries and external pens, aviaries and flights. The large number of options available to us mean that we can cater for almost any visiting pet or wildlife.


Our purpose-build isolation room allows us to keep any pets suspected of being contagious, isolated from the general kennel population, whilst still providing them with comfort and a high level of care. 

Updated April 2020