This page is dedicated to the beloved pets who are no longer with us. Please take a moment to read and remember. 

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Loved By : Chantelle Le Vaillant

Goodbye Herman my old friend. He loved strawberries in the morning and watching us eat breakfast. This summer we took him out on the green and he met hundreds of people. He even had his own Facebook page (Herman Love). Thank you Jeremy for your kindness and understanding, and for caring for all our pets.


Loved By : Samantha Clark

You were the best cat, friend & baby anyone could ask for. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you... I love you & miss you so much my Boos, I can't cope without you but I hope that wherever you are you know that I will never forget you & cherish every moment we had. Untill we meet again at rainbow bridge, all my love your mummy xxxx


Loved By : Rose and Mike Hall

Love and miss you little lady 


Loved By : The Le Vaillent Family

Our little friend Alfie went to heaven on Thursday. 29 January 2019. His second cruciate ligament snapped. We knew it would happen one day. He is 13 next month and he wouldn’t be able to survive the big operation he needs now and all the treatment afterwards. We know what it was like when he broke the first ligament two years ago. We all decided that letting him go now would be the most loving thing we can do for Alfie. He had a sleepover with Vet Kate on Wednesday night and Dad and Mum went to the surgery on Thursday and said goodbye to him from all of us. We will choose a star for Alfie. Goodbye to our old pal. We will never forget him and all his animal and human friends xxx.
The Le Vaillant Family, Walmer


Loved By : Kelly Hutchings

Four years ago Jessie went missing and ended up in your Dover surgery with a badly broken leg. I’ll never forget the kindness your staff showed me when I turned up convinced it wouldn’t be my cat. You fixed her up and I got her back. Sadly a year later she had a stroke and passed away but I’m ever grateful for that extra year I got with her and the time your staff took, tracking me down via Facebook and comforting me. Jessie has been gone two years now but I’ll never forget my gorgeous fluffy girl ❤️


Loved By : Mandy Flisher

My dear old friend Words are hard to come by As we had to say a sad goodbye Aging bones and failing heart meant we had to physically part. Seeing you look into my eyes pleading me to euthanize. Both hearts broken to the core no more paddling through the door. Thirteen years we got to share what do I do now that you are not there. Feeling lost and feeling blue I just do not know what to do. A friend to hope and a friend to sam always doing what you can. Each of us pines without you here please come back and hold us near. Can we go back to the start and never ever again to part...just promise me gem when my time comes you will run to me and let me hold you in my arms. My life will never be the same forever touched for ever changed. Your life your soul from the very start left your paw upon my heart.


Loved By : Hemsley-Brown Family

My Demmy passed away on my birthday 2 months ago, suspected heart attack, I feel as broken hearted today as I did then. Demmy was a very special guinea pig, full of character and very affectionate. He leaves behind his 4 girls, and a big hole in my heart ❤


Loved By : Mark Danson

My poem for Rocky - 14 March 2016

I cradled your head in my hands one last time as god called you forward into his love and care.

Your body and soul became one with god and your spirit passed through my hands.

I valued your loyalty and worshipped your love.

You gave us so much and we enjoyed so much fun.

Over the Rainbow Bridge you now go to light the path so that we might follow.

One day god willing we’ll all be together again,

we’ll be able to hold you close and stroke your head,

whilst you snuggle up and give us a lick.

Your casket sits prominently close to where you once laid so rest assured we’ll always remember to say something cheerful every single day.

Until then sleep tight little pup and wait patiently for us,

we leave you now temporarily in gods good care until we are reunited.

Only god can decide when this will be,

just remember we love you so much,

we miss you so much and we think about you every day.

Please god take care of our Rocky until one day you might release him back to us for all eternity,

he was our life, our friend our, little ‘wood pup’ we loved him dearly.

God Bless.


Loved By : Sharon Pressnell

Our cheeky girl so very loved and missed. X


Loved By : Terry Cleaver

We very much miss Maisy our cairn terrier who was born on 15 February 2005 and sadly passed away on 16 July 2018 due to illness from a brain tumour. We miss her everyday xxxxxxxxx and remember all the fun times, holidays we had and walks locally and around the country together. We miss seeing her chase her treat ball and playing and having fun in the garden as well as sleeping. Xxxxxxxxxx Her characterful bring so joyful and such a lovely dog will always be remembered by everyone who met her as she was keen to say hello to dogs and owners alike (sometimes more so the owners as she was definitely a people dog!). Xxxxxxxxxx it doesn’t seem right not seeing you everyday Maisy or cuddling up next to you whilst your asleep xxxxxxxxx We would like to say thank you to Jeremy and all at Burnham House for looking after Maisy and we know everyone there liked seeing her at her check up times. Xxxxxxxxxx Maisy, you have left paw prints on our hearts and many happy memories, you’ll always be missed love Mum (Diane), Dad (Tony) and big brother Terry as well as all the family and your friends. You’ll always be remembered and forever in our hearts xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx


Loved By : Michelle Bradbury

Rosie our Rottweiler cross was beloved and is missed deeply even today. We didn't intend for a bigger dog at the time of looking but as soon as we met her she instantly put herself in our hearts and came home the same day. She was the typical looking devil dog black and tan but was the gentlest especially around our baby at the time, growing protective of her and also becoming best friends with our kitten. Miss you, you big dope.


Loved By : Kathy Bruce

Barley was so special (some would say Special Needs! - I remember one nurse calling her a Fruit Loop!) as she was so quirky, but really affectionate in her own way. We found her in a Barley straw stack on the farm, so young her eyes hadn't opened yet. Her mum had been disturbed and moved the rest, but never came back for her. I did the stereotypical thing and put her down by jumper, and even though she was stone cold I felt her little paws move. A dash to Burnham House to get feli-lac (or whatever it was called) milk powder, and so began 3 hourly feeds day and night until she was old enough to eat solids - and I became her mum. She loved to drape herself round my shoulders like a scarf, but woe betide me if I moved too much, a little nip on my cheek reminded me she was there! but if I walked carefully she would stay put while I moved around the house and garden. She slept with me under or on top of the sheets every night, and waited on the windowsill for me to come home every evening - she seemed to know exactly when I was on my way whatever time it was. Considering her unconventional start she lived to a good 18 years and is now buried under my favourite tree, I miss her dearly. She was my soulmate and a little piece of my heart is always missing now.


Loved By : Rose Hall

Miss you so much my special man - you were my soul mate.💗

Updated April 2020