Passports & Exports

Our coastal Kent location with excellent transport links to France means that passports for travelling pets are in high demand! Luckily we can meet the need as we have two 'Official Veterinarians' in Jeremy and Rachel who can issue pet passports. 

To apply for a passport your pet will need to be micro-chipped and vaccinated against rabies. Other vaccines are not a condition of having a passport, but we strongly recommend them. Your pet will need a health check, during which the vet will scan their microchip (or micro-chip them if they do not already have one) and record the details on their clinical history. They will check your details as the pet's owner, and check the rabies vaccination status of your pet (or give a rabies vaccine if needed). 

Once all this has been done, they can issue a pet passport which will include your details, your pet's details and their microchip and vaccination information. They will sign and stamp the passport.

Once you have your passport, you must wait 21 days after the rabies vaccination before your pet is allowed to travel to the countries in the scheme. Prior to returning to the UK the PETS scheme also requires that an approved vet worms your animal 24-120 hours before it lands in the UK. This timeline is strictly enforced. Please check for any additional travel requirements with the airline or shipping company.

Other considerations:

1) BHVS would advise you to repeat the tapeworm treatment approximately 28 days after your return to the UK to make sure no parasites have sneaked into the UK.

2) Blood borne diseases; British dogs and cats are vulnerable to these nasty diseases and we would urge you to consider using sandfly repellant, tick treatments and Leishmania vaccination. 

To check the level of flea/tick/sandfly risk for your holiday and home locations, go to:


Exporting a pet to another country is normally a much more involved process and will require export paperwork from the Animal  & Plant Health Agency (APHA). If you are considering exporting a pet, you should contact the APHA direct or our Official Veterinarians for advice. Once they have explained what is necessary (dependent on your destination country and route of passage) our Official Veterinarians can complete paperwork etc for you, which will be received from APHA. Please allow plenty of time for export requirements to be assessed and met prior to your intended date of travel. The process can be very prolonged for some countries.

If you have any queries about pet passports or exporting a pet, please contact us on 01304 206 989 and we will be happy to discuss your plans and requirements.

Updated April 2020