PDSA Pet Aid Scheme

We regret to inform our clients that the PDSA has taken the difficult decision to close the PDSA Pet Aid Scheme to new members.


Existing members of the PDSA Scheme

Existing members' certificates are valid until the expiry date on your current certificate. Using your certificate you can continue to access veterinary care under the same terms, with no change to the service, until it's expiry date. However, from 1st January 2018 or once your certificate expires (whichever is later) changes to the scheme will take effect.


If these changes affect you, you should have received correspondence from the PDSA directly to explain the new scheme to you. If you have not received information from the PDSA but feel you should have, we suggest you contact the PDSA directly on 0800 731 2502. 

Unfortunately the new scheme is currently only open to those previously registered on the old scheme at the time of changing, however we are hoping that this may change in the future. 

Thank you for bearing with us during this time of change. 

Prospective/ New members

At present there is no provision for new members to join the existing or the new PDSA scheme. We understand there may be plans to roll out the new scheme to new members in the future, however we are awaiting confirmation on this from the PDSA. We apologise that we are not able to offer PDSA support to any pets that are not already members of the PDSA Scheme.

Contact us about the PDSA Pet Aid Scheme

If you would like to discuss your membership to the scheme or have questions about how a new scheme may affect you please contact our PDSA Administrator Sarah Kempshall on 01304 206 989 or complete the form below and we will come back to you soon. 

PDSA Special Payments

We apologise but this service is no longer available from the PDSA.

Updated April 2020