We hold a comprehensive stock of veterinary medicines so if your pet requires medicine, we can often dispense this at the time of your appointment. If in the unlikely instance that we do not have it in stock, we can always order it in for the next working day. For emergencies, we have links with specialist pharmacies who will supply our requirements within hours.

For repeat prescriptions, please let us know in plenty of time before you run out to allow us time to meet your needs. We ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice of repeat prescription requests.


Your pet will need to be checked regularly while on medication - the absolute minimum is every six months for ongoing conditions.  The vet may request more frequent checkups to ensure any changes in your pet's condition are monitored.  If the theory that one human year equals seven dog years is correct, then it's understandable that your pet will need these regular MOTs!

If you would like to obtain your pet's prescription medication from another supplier, you can ask for a written prescription (for a fee) and obtain these medicines from a pharmacy or another veterinary surgery. However please be aware that there may be a time delay on other suppliers fulfilling your order. For this reason written prescriptions are not appropriate for in-patients of the practice.

Updated April 2020