Updated Sept 2019



Senior Veterinary Receptionist (Full-Time)

Sally works at our Dover and Whitfield surgeries and can most often be found cuddling visiting puppies in the reception area - a 'job' over which she claims full ownership! Always smiling and cheerful, Sally keeps even the most nervous patients feeling relaxed, and is a great comfort to owners during worrying times. Sally is involved in the training of new receptionists and is always happy to tell people the highs and surprises of reception work at BHVS.


Veterinary Receptionist (Part-Time)

Sarah aka 'that nice lady with the pink hair' joined the team in December 2014, and enjoys meeting clients and their pets at our busy reception in Dover - a change to her previous career in microbiology when she spent most of her time looking through a microscope! Sarah has Smee, a Boston Terrier, Simon the cat, plus new addition Fred Bear, a French bulldog to keep her on her toes. Sarah can always be relied upon to produce a huge variety of scrumptious baked goods which she brings to work on a regular basis. Our favourites are the date crumble, chocolate brownies, mini cupcakes, millionaire's shortbread, rocky road tray bake...... etc etc!! Sarah manages our PDSA Pet Scheme and sends out our vaccination reminders. 


Veterinary Receptionist (Part-Time)

Annie came to work at Burnham House as she felt she needed to be surrounded by animals in work as well as at home! Annie breeds and shows Highland ponies and has a wealth of animals to keep her busy. Despite this she loves meeting all the pets who come to our surgeries and is always happy to chat about the positives and the pitfalls (!) of pets. She is mum to Buddy the jack Russell and Coral a rescued German shepherd, several highland ponies and slave to two very confident granddaughters!


Veterinary Receptionist (Part-Time)

Cath joined the team in 2016 as soon had us all practising our northern accents. Steady in a crisis, Cath keeps everyone in good spirits - something she attributes to her previous career at a funeral directors! Cath works at our Dover and Walmer branches. Ethel is Cath's little dog (pictured).


Veterinary Receptionist (Part-Time)

Leanne joined our reception team after lots of years of working hands-on at a local kennels. Now happy to take a more hands-off approach (apart from occasional cuddles of course!) Leanne is busy furthering her veterinary knowledge and using those multi-tasking skills - something she definitely needs here! Leanne primarily works at our Dover branch but can occasionally be found at Folkestone or Walmer when needed. Outside of work Leanne enjoys living on a working farm and walking her border collies.


Veterinary Receptionist (Part-Time)

Maria joined the team in October 2017 and works part-time at our Dover branch. Maria has lived in Dover all her life and is a qualified hairdresser as well as being a busy mum of four girls. Maria enjoys shopping, spending time with friends and walking her dogs. She has a French Bulldog and a Labrador, as well as a cat and parrot. 


Veterinary Receptionist (Part-Time)

Jo recently joined the reception team in October 2018. She has lived in Dover from a young age, moving down from North Norfolk with her parents when her father inherited a local newspaper! Jo has just finished her second novel and is already planning a third! When taking a break from writing Jo spends time attending pub quizzes and walking her rescued Old English Sheepdog Dex.

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