Services to other Veterinary Practices

As a veterinary practice ourselves we understand both the challenges of being equipped for every case and the issues around helping clients on the budget. All practices have different ranges of equipment and we are prepared to help colleagues with some demanding cases. In particular we regularly assist our neighbouring practices with:

Surgical Services to other Veterinary Practices

The combined equipment and skills of our veterinary and nursing staff, means that we can offer an extremely wide range of surgical procedures on-site, without the need to refer to a specialist referral centre. 


The practice is equipped with colour flow doppler ultrasound, a full set of flexible and rigid endoscopes and bronchoscopes as well as fixed and portable radiography (x-rays) so we can get a really good look at the problem.  Our on-site lab means that we can have blood and urine test results turned around within minutes.  We also have full facilities for microsurgery (such as delicate eye operations), cryosurgery (freezing with liquid nitrogen, usually used for tumours) and CO2 laser surgery.  We prefer to see surgical cases right through to recovery and will provide postoperative care including physiotherapy, such as magnetic resonance therapy if appropriate.


Providing our own 24-hour emergency service means that we're here when you need us - even if your patient needs major surgery overnight or at the weekend.  We can deal with everything from caesarian sections to road traffic accidents and gastric torsion, whatever time of day or night, right here in east Kent.


Some examples of what's been keeping our operating theatres busy recently:​

  • Fixing a range of broken limbs using pins, screws and external fixators

  • Investigating mobility problems involving joints including intra-articular therapy

  • Cryosurgery of growths

  • Laser surgery of cancerous growths in hard-to-reach or very vascular places

  • Open-chest surgery for lung tumours/ punctured lungs and heart defects

  • Delicate eye micro-surgery using the operating microscope

  • Delicate micro-surgery to remove blockages/ stones/ tumours from hamsters, guinea pigs, etc

  • Neutering of ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, tortoises, and lizards.

  • Removing various "foreign bodies" from anywhere they shouldn't be - including grass seeds, sticks, toys, socks, balloons, tinsel, coins and many more from paws, throats, ears, eyes or under the skin in any area - often using endoscopic guidance

  • Abdominal surgery including correction of gastric torsions, splenectomies and removal of malignant or benign growths

Exotic animal services to other Veterinary Practices

We are always happy to provide pre-purchase and other advice, over the phone or in person, to owners and other vets.


Avian Veterinary Services

Our staff have extensive experience with all avian species including raptors, psittacines, pigeons and poultry.  Jeremy is a member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians and has a special interest in the natural history and husbandry of avian species.  We have dedicated hospitalisation facilities for avian inpatients and experienced nursing support. We have extensive experience in anaesthesia and surgery of avian species as well as medical diagnosis, on-site laboratory, diagnostic imaging and treatment.  Inpatient accommodation includes controlled incubators as well as indoor and outdoor aviaries allowing us to care for the complete range of avian species in as supportive an environment as possible.  We also welcome wild species and free-living wildlife is treated free of charge.


Exotic Mammal, Reptile and Fish Referrals, Zoological Work & Wildlife

We have over thirty years' experience in exotic practice.  Jeremy is an enthusiastic exotics surgeon.  We run special tortoise clinics pre- and post-hibernation, including bloodwork and radiography if necessary.  We have full backup from our Veterinary Nursing team who are all experienced in the handling and care of exotic species.  Head Nurse Leasa Neame is one of only a few RVNs in the country to hold the City & Guilds Certificate in Nursing Exotic Species. We routinely perform complex operations on exotic patients, such as:

  • Bladder stone removal in guinea pigs and tortoises

  • Caesarians in egg-bound reptiles including tortoises

  • Mass removals from fish species

  • Prolapse replacement & care in reptiles and birds

  • Nebulising and care of breathing difficulties in birds

We provide veterinary care to three extensive local zoological parks and are experienced at providing full anaesthesia and surgical facilities in the field including remote chemical immobilisation ("darting") and remote drug delivery.  We are also experienced with legal and licensing work including Zoo Licensing and inspections under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act.


Marine Mammal work

Several of our vets are Marine Mammal Medics and we are always happy to be called to attend sick, injured or stranded sea mammals.  We work closely with British Divers Marine Life Rescue and have hospitalisation facilites to house grey or common seals while they recuperate prior to release.

Updated April 2020