BHVS & PDSA: Helping your porky pet become a slim jim!

PDSA Pet Fit Club has been helping animals lose weight for over 12 years, transforming the Nation's fattest pets into fit pets and giving them a whole new leash of life in the process! Now is the time to join the Class of 2017 and have the chance to win a year's supply of diet food for your pet. For more information on the PDSA Pet Fit Club collect a leaflet from any of our branches or log on to: - We particularly love the '10 Biggest Losers' section - Amazing!

The FREE weight clinics we offer at BHVS to pets will also help you monitor your pet's weight year-round and our trained staff will be happy to help you understand your pet's dietary requirements and how to meet (but not exceed!) them. The perfect complement to the PDSA campaign! For more information about our weight clinics, please call us on 01304 206 989. We look forward to working with you to help your pet live a lighter, healthier and hopefully longer life!

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Updated April 2020