Ozzi Potts is our Pet of the Year 2016!

We are very pleased to announce that Ozzi Potts is our Pet of the Year 2016!

Ozzi was nominated by the staff for his eagerness to bounce back after serious illness. Over the last six years Ozzi Potts has been successfully treated for an under active thyroid, ruptured ligaments, diabetes and heart failure and has not only lived to tell the tale but still manages to wag it! His first major challenge was being diagnosed with thyroid problems in 2011 which seriously affected his skin and his behaviour. "It was the first time Ozzie was really subdued" said vet Jeremy Stattersfield "but not for long. Unfortunately his keenness to get back on his paws got him back into trouble and he was in my consulting room once more, far too soon” This time his endless enthusiasm for life saw Ozzie popping the ligaments in his knees, one after the other.

But you can't keep a good dog down and it was only when a diagnosis of insulin dependent diabetes was made that he fell seriously ill and almost died from heart failure. Now after three years of unfailing support from his doting owners, Mavis and Alan Potts from Lydden, he is on a regular routine of treatment which has brought him back to life.

“Ozzi was voted unanimously by the staff team here as our bravest pet because he has been in and out of surgery so many times he almost has his own kennel. And whatever his problem, he is always so happy to see us” said Head Nurse Laura Wilson. “When I look at his medical notes I really can't believe he has survived such life-threatening problems and still comes bouncing back”. “You could say he’s been unlucky,” added Vet Jeremy Stattersfield, “but he is lucky that he has owners who share his love of life and just faced every new problem with a positive attitude. That's what's got them through it together”

Staff from Burnham House visited the family at home to present Ozzie with a giant cup with a bow tie for special occasions. "Ozzi could not have any treats because of his diabetes, but he does enjoy dressing up!" said his owner Mavis.

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Updated April 2020