BHVS prescribes 'Funny Bones' for Comic Relief!

This Friday 24th March, what ails you can be treated by a dose of humour, a dash of yumminess and a dollop of generosity! At Burnham House Vets, these ingredients amount to one of our 'funny bones'! For humans and dogs we have super tasty bone-shaped baked goods on offer from reception for one day only.

Each 'funny bone' comes with it's own animal joke! But be careful some of these animal quips are so witty you may be choking with laughter on that biscuit bone you have just bought.

"There is no risk of the dogs laughing" said vet Jeremy Stattersfield. "Not only have the staff come up with jokes less tasteful than the biscuits but we all know the average pet has a very special sense of humour that is focused far more on chewing up slippers or stealing salmon off the worktop...."

There are lots of jokes to choose from so pop in and test your luck with our "Funny Bones". All donations received will go to Comic Relief.

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Updated April 2020