POISONING ALERT! Slug & Snail bait poisoning risk

In the last two weeks we have had TWO major poisoning events caused by slug and snail baits!

One patient was brought straight to us, underwent minor treatment and was home and well the same day. The other underwent extensive treatment and was very touch-and-go for a while, before pulling through and recovering well. Please take care that your pet is not the next one we treat!!

Slug and snail bait represents a major risk for dogs and cats and is a more common source of poisoning than you may expect. Snail and slug bait products, which typically contain the active ingredient Metaldehyde, are available as a pellet, liquid, or powder.

In order to attract snails and slugs molasses or brown sugar is added. Unfortunately, this also makes the bait highly attractive for our dogs and cats as it tastes yummy. However, very quickly ingestion can lead to internal damage and even small quantities can be fatal!

If you know, or even think, your pet has ingested snail or slug bait please follow these steps:

1) Phone your vet straight away to explain that you will be coming straight down and what you think may be the issue - This will help us to prepare for your pet's arrival and have the necessary staff, equipment and drugs on hand.

2) Bring the packet with you - We will need this to know the exact ingredients in the poison in order to treat your pet accurately.

3) Come as soon as you can! All poisoning events are highly time-sensitive. The quicker your pet receives treatment, the less likely permanent or fatal damage will have occurred. DO NOT WAIT FOR YOUR PET TO START DISPLAYING SYMPTOMS AS WHEN THIS HAPPENS YOUR PET'S ORGANS ARE LIKELY ALREADY AFFECTED! Even in the middle of the night it is important to take your pet straight to the vet. Please do not worry about 'disturbing the busy vet' if you are 'not quite sure' if you pet ate poison - we would always prefer your pet to be safe!

For further information or if you have any concerns do talk to us on 01304 206 989.

Stay safe!

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Updated April 2020