Practice Dog Pupdate!

Here at BHVS we thought it was about time we shared a little 'pupdate' with you on our Practice Dog Jessica who is now the grand old age of 9 months old!

Jess began to accompany her tame vet Jeremy to the practice as a small puppy once her vaccinations, etc were complete. Since then she has been popping in regularly for staff socialisation, inanimate object chewing, and to discuss with the other pets whether her owner is indeed a good stick or a bad Bonio. Responses have been mixed, but we think that may have something to do their reasons for visiting the vets!!

As you can see, Jess has also been doing a fair bit of growing in the last 9 months too!

If you have a puppy who you feel would benefit from canine and human socialisation, don't forget we run puppy parties! These are weekly sessions, normally on a weekday evening, when puppies and owners can gather to socialise and learn about useful topics such as training methods, diet, exercise requirements, etc from one of our vets. These 'parties' are FREE to our clients and a great way of giving your puppy the best start in life!

To register your interest in joining the next puppy party sessions, please phone our Dover branch on 01304 206 989 and ask for Sally Hazlewood. Sally is our Senior Receptionist who has the wonderful job of organising the parties....and cuddling the puppies of course!

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Updated April 2020