Canine First Aid course - Sign up now!

Our vets at Burnham House like to busy themselves with not only your pet's care once they get to the practice, but also feel it is important that we share knowledge which may help them BEFORE they get to us, in the event of an emergency.

We therefore offer Canine First Aid courses, where you will learn what you as an owner can do for your pet prior to arrival at the vets, in the event of an accident, scrape, cut paw, seizure, heatstroke, poisoning, allergic reaction and much more. In many of these situations, the immediate care given to the pet can be hugely supportive to the success of the veterinary treatment which follows.

If you would like to register your interest for our next Canine First Aid course, please complete the 'Contact us' form on the website and we will add you to the waiting list.

We deliver courses as often as needed so once we have enough people (normally 8-10) we will plan dates! The course is usually delivered on a weekday evening from one of our branch surgeries. If you have restricted availability or accessibility needs, please include this in your message to us and we will endeavour to plan with you in mind.

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Updated April 2020