Vets offer free school and community group visits to talk about pet care, and much more...

Every year our vets spend time out visiting local schools and community groups to talk about animal care, introduce children to pets and raise awareness of welfare within the community.

So far this year, vets Kate and Emma have been out to 3 local primary schools to meet the children, talk about pet care and even introduce some animals to the children, including a pygmy hedgehog, tortoises, guinea pigs and a snake! These visits are free of charge, usually last about an hour and are another valuable way that Burnham House gives back to our local community.

We have a few more visits in the diary but still plenty of time to book more in, so if you work for a school, community group or nursery, why not consider asking us along? We can tailor the visits to suit your curriculum or topic, and even offer adult sessions on weightier topics such as canine first aid.

For more information, visit our Education section on our website or contact us on 01304 206 989.

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Updated April 2020