Fantastic Food Offer on Hill's Vet Essentials

Here at Burnham House Vets we are very pleased to be able to give our clients a great discount on Hill's Vet Essentials pet food. With our saver promotion, you will recieve a £5 discount off your first bag of Hill's Vet Essentials, plus your 6th bag will be 100% FREE*! This offer is running over the next 12 months so you don't need to buy all at once, but just collect a stamp each time you purchase a bag.

Hill's Vet Essentials is a complete dog or cat food, providing all the nutrition your pet needs in a tasty dry food. The unique structure of the kibble is also scientifically developed to help clean your pet's teeth as they chew, reducing the risk of smelly breath, dental disease and the need for costly dental treatment.

Vet Essentials also comes in tailored diets to meet your pet's nutritional and energy needs at every point in their life - puppy, adult, neutered and mature adult.

For more information about Hill's Vet Essentials see:

To take part in the Hill's saver offer on Vet Essentials food, simply ask when ordering your first bag - Your £5 discount will be applied and your card stamped.

We hope you enjoy this great offer as much as your pets will enjoy this scrummy food!

*Free bag will match the smallest bag purchased under the offer. e.g: if you order 5x 10kg bags, your free bag will be a matching 10kg bag. However if you order 1x 2kg bag & 4x 10kg bags your free bag will be 2kg.

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Updated April 2020