Puppy Parties!

We regularly run puppy parties to help new owners navigate to joys and challenges of training... and much more! The current sessions are already in progress but if you would like to join our parties in the future let us know and we will put you on the waiting list!

The puppy parties are for puppies aged 12 weeks to 4 months and are weekly sessions delivered by our vets, one afternoon a week from our Bewsbury Cross branch in Whitfield.

Topics covered include:

Car travel

Preparing for trips to the vet

Reward-based training


Basic health care and routine treatments (flea & worm prevention, ear cleaning, claw clips etc)

... and much more!

All attendees will receive a bag of freebies and vouchers, as well as have a great few sessions meeting our vets, other local puppy owners and the dogs themselves! To register your interest, please contact Sally Hazlewood our Senior Receptionist.

If you have a new puppy, we'd love to see you soon!

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Updated April 2020