Ever wondered what Work Experience at a Vets is like? Why not find out!

Here at BHVS we love to teach anyone and everyone who has an interest in animals! We therefore offer a multitude of educational events, from free schools visits to talk to little folk about caring for their pets, to a six week evening course for A Level students, to first aid talks to community groups!

One of our most popular educational offerings however, is good old fashioned work experience! This can be for students whose schools or universities support work experience as part of the curriculum, or by direct application from those who feel they would like to pursue a career in veterinary practice. We are very happy to accept applicants who have a genuine love of animals, are interested to learn and willing to dedicate their time!

If you would like to talk to us more about our work experience placements, please do get in touch. We would be happy to tell you what you would be doing, what you will observe and how we can help to enhance your CV for animal-related applications. Laura Wilson our Head Nurse managed our work experience programme and can be contacted on 01304 206 989.

Alternately if you are sure you'd like to do work experience with us and have some dates in mind, you can apply via completing the forms on our 'Education' page of the website and emailing these back to Laura. Details of our other educational programmes are also available on this page.

We hope to see you soon!

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Updated April 2020