Generation Pup Project: Join NOW!

Do you have a puppy under 16 weeks in age? If so you could join Generation Pup research study and help inform dog health, welfare and behaviour in the future.

What is Generation Pup?

Generation Pup is the first study to follow dogs of all breeds from puppy-hood as they grow up into adults. We are asking owners of all UK puppies of 16 weeks of age or less, of any breed or cross breed, to sign up and become part of the Generation Pup community.

By collecting information about each puppy – their environment, family, health, behaviour and experiences – we can build up a picture of a whole generation of dogs across the UK. This means that researchers in the Generation Pup team can investigate whether aspects such as environment, social interaction, diet, exercise or daily routine may be important in the development of a range of health and behaviour conditions which impact on the well-being of our dogs.

Even if you don’t own a puppy you can still get involved. We need help spreading the word about the project, and by subscribing to our newsletter you will receive regular email updates about the progress of the project.

Why is the Generation Pup study important?

‘Generation Pup’ is a unique type of research project – known as a cohort study – where lots of

individual dogs are followed over their lifetime. This has some big advantages over other approaches, as it enables us to investigate whether events or environments early in life influence the development of conditions as dogs get older. Studies such as this have been completed in children before to help inform child development, but never in dogs. Your puppy could be part of this ground breaking study.

Dogs play an important role in our families, and have an irreplaceable place in our lives and hearts. It is devastating when they are injured, suffer from disease or have behaviour problems which impact on their well-being. Research is essential to better understand how and why these problems develop, so we can prevent and treat them.

How do I join Generation Pup with my puppy?

To join the study, simply visit the Generation Pup website HERE and click to sign up!

Generation Pup is a project run by the University of Bristol, Royal Veterinary College and The Dogs Trust. The project is funded by Dogs Trust, the largest dog welfare charity in the UK.

Welcome to Generation Pup an exciting new adventure in canine science!

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Updated April 2020