Festive Fundraising is here!

December has arrived and with it begins our festive fundraising for fantastic locals charities who care for pets across Kent.

This year we are encouraging clients and members of the public to donate generously to two amazing charities who we know do fantastic work - Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary and South East Dog Rescue. You can drop donations of food, toys, bedding, treats, etc in to any of our branches throughout December and we will make sure that these are delivered in time for Christmas.

Alternately if you want to treat you own pets whilst helping pets in need, you can purchase a variety of dog and cat toys and treats from our Dover branch throughout December, the profits from which will all go to charity.

More information about our chosen charities can be found below, as well as links to their websites. We hope you can give generously and help support these wonderful charities!

Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary

Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary was founded by the late Miss Veronica Huthwaite in 1970. When she died in 1996, she left her property at Rhodes Minnis, near Canterbury, Kent, to the Trustees, who have carried on her work with resident managers. There is now a staff of 6 at the Sanctuary.

The purpose of the charity is to take in and care for unwanted and homeless cats and kittens from Kent, London and sometimes further afield. Some are strays, others have been ill treated or abandoned, but most are brought to us by their owners because, for one reason or another, they are unable to look after their pets any more.

The aim of the charity is to re-home as many of the cats that are brought to RMCS as possible. However, those which cannot be re-homed, because they are too timid, dirty, bad tempered, on permanent medication or just won’t settle in a house, stay with RMCS for the rest of their lives.

At any one time there are about 150 cats on the premises, of which about 60 are available for re-homing. Since 1970 RMCS have found new homes for over 17,000 cats. Many of the cats RMCS take in are 10 or more years old and they are one of the few charities able and willing to take on these feline pensioners, who are so deserving, and so need the warmth and security of a new settled and loving home.

Click HERE to visit the RMCS website to learn more about this amazing charity and view cats for rehoming.

South East Dog Rescue

SEDR was founded by Kymm White in May 2009 and is dedicated to Flossie – their first ever ‘pound dog’. Flossie was an un-claimed stray who spent weeks in the pound. She was so stressed in the kennel environment, she chewed large holes in her paws and tail and was in a sorry state with just days to live before SEDR collected her. Her time was up and she was due to be put to sleep, to make way for the ever increasing new dogs being brought into the pound.

Flossie came home with Kymm, and very quickly became a part of the family!! She was fantastic with Kymm’s little girl and other dogs…in fact she was fantastic in every way!!! Despite being unloved and unwanted for so long, she was full of love and truly affectionate. Thankfully, SEDR were able to save Flossie, but so many other dogs are not so lucky. This rescue is therefore dedicated to Flossie and works to care for all the other ‘Flossies’ out there that need someone to give them the chance they deserve.

Since the charity was founded, SEDR have fostered & rehomed several thousand dogs who have found themselves abused, abandoned or homeless. For those who cannot be rehomed due to fear of the home environment or other reasons, SEDR offer forever homes at the Sanctuary where the dogs can relax without the pressure of human expectation.

Click HERE to visit the SEDR website and find out more information about this amazing charity and view dogs for rehoming.

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Updated April 2020