Testimonials from our clients

Below are just a few examples of the lovely reviews clients have given us:

"I can't fault the care my pets have received here with Jeremy and his wonderful staff over the last 20 plus years"

14th June 2016

"All I can say is what fantastic care your pet receives from the team at BHVS. If only our GP's were as good! They are also the only vets in the area that do their own out of hours on call so you are always guaranteed to see one of their team unlike other surgeries that pass this service to someone else which i feel is really important."

30th July 2013

"First time we have had to have Harry (tortoise) at the vets after two injections and 4 various medications to take away with us we was expecting a huge bill but happy to say it was half the amount we had expected highly recommend this practice for tortoises and being Harry not your average lad am more than happy"

10th January 2015

"Fantastic, kind, knowledgeable and caring staff. Great facilities. You make what is such a stressful time so much more bearable. Nothing is too much trouble and our animals are always your top priorities. Highly recommend in every area"

23rd March 2016

"We have always used Burnham house for a variety of pets over the years and cannot praise them enough. Having recently had to make the decision for our much-loved family dog aged 14 that the time had come to say goodbye Jeremy came to the house and it was a very peaceful end. We have always be treated with such kind and caring attitude from all the staff who are very knowledgeable and willing to discuss pets problems, I thoroughly recommend them and will continue to use their services when we decide to get another dog."

25th May 2016

"I would happily recommend this vets to anyone, over the past 24 years they have looked after 7 different dogs that I have owned, even when I walked in and said there is something wrong but I don't know what or how I know, they listened to me and I was right, they found it and saved my dog. I love the in-house out of hours cover, I appreciate it is hard on the vets but it is so nice seeing someone who you know and more importantly that knows your pet already, has access to all the pets notes and you don't have to waste time explaining it all to an unknown vet. They also do amazing work in helping the local wildlife and sea life, help local animal rescues and support local fetes and shows, a true community vets."

11th April 2016

Updated April 2020