At Burnham House Vets we value all animals' welfare the same. We are therefore happy to accept sick and injured wildlife and will care for them in the hope that re-wilding may be possible, or we can offer a dignified end to life if recovery is not possible. 

Our extensive facilities mean that we are able to care for a range of species including bird life, small and large mammals, reptiles, and sea mammals. 

Where it is not possible for you to catch or bring the animal in to us, it may be possible for us to collect or help catch injured wildlife. If you find an injured animal you are unable to safely collect, please call the RSPCA as a first port of call. They have the equipment with which to access many different areas safely, and will bring injured wildlife to us that requires urgent treatment. If the RSPCA are unable to help, please call us on 01304 206 989 and we will endeavour to help.

If you see a wild animal that you think may be injured or in trouble, please call us for advice prior to removing the animal from the situation. We are often brought baby animals and birds, especially in spring time. Often however, mum will have left them somewhere safe whilst she nips off to find food etc so please think carefully about whether the baby animal is in danger before removing them from their surroundings. Mum may be back any minute!

Updated April 2020